Talented Tuesday’s


Stirlings Bar is situated in one of Birmingham’s luxurious locations of St Paul’s Square and just a few streets away from the Jewellery Quarter. The venue is great for the new weekly event Talented Tuesday’s in which I had the pleasure of watching young talented performers showcase their style. Talented Tuesday’s is organised and  hosted by Andre Hesson otherwise known as ‘Soul,’ in which he kept the vibe flowing by running jokes with the crowd and keeping his popular quotes ‘I am free’ (audience replies) ‘Let me fly’ and ‘Yagga yo.’ Entertainment on the night was Asher Ray mixing the best of old and new Rnb tuneage.

We had performance from Pierre he gaves us 3 tracks off his new EP  Trials & Tribulations, Captain, Metamore, Ntcomplex, 10th planet and many more. Soul entertained with the crowd with topics such as school crushes and childhood beatings which was as the audience laughed throughout the night.

Talented Tuesday’s was a good night overall and will keep progressing every week in such a great intimate venue. Follow soul on Twitter @soulhesson


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