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Hope you have all listened and downloaded the tunes from the last NEW FAVOURITES- NEW MUSIC FROM BEENICE, CODE NINETY + MORE.


On this weeks New Favourites I have some FIRE, BADASS and summer jams that you should also have on your playlist.


MABEL FEAT. KOJO FUNDS ‘Finders Keepers’

This is one of top favourites at the moment. My readers should know by now that I really like Mabel’s music, she’s just so different and really hope she keeps up the consistency. I realised the other day when I was listening to the beat that it’s the same beat from Lumidee feat fabolous ‘Never leave you (uh oh).’  I love that Mabel and Kojo Funds have done like a 2017 remake and it would be so cool if they made the video similar too.







J HUS ‘Did You See’

Those who follow me on snap chat will know how much I like this tune. I have already claimed Did You See to be THE SUMMER ANTHEM 2017!!. I think most of the sounds at the  carnivals and festivals will be playing J Hus amongst the other big tunes to bless our ears. J Hus has just completed his album ‘Common Sense’ which is expected to be  released on Black Butter Records May 12th Did You See has reached  over 8 million+ views since it was released 2 months ago, in the top 40 official chart.


Pre-order J Hus debut album ‘Common’ Sense from iTunes:
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Photo published for Common Sense by J Hus on Apple Music





Kendrick stays true to himself I love the old skool vibe on this, it reminds me of Dr Dre’s productions. The words ‘Be humble. Sit down’ are powerful and its a lyric that I’ve seen many quote it as a whats app or Facebook status. I must admit I have not listened to Damn yet how ever from what i’ve heard it sounds impressive especially the collaborations  with Rihanna and Mary J Blige.

DAMN. Available now






They’re the best-selling American girl group of all time, back with their first album in fifteen years. TLC’s new single, Way Back, is now available everywhere!

It’s been a long time coming is what they say and to be fair the beat does have the classical snoop vibe from back in the 90’s.  However some how this works, well I like the production, the bridge where Chilli harmonises and the chorus is catchy.  Way Back is definitely a track to add to the playlist.  On the other hand I also heard that TLC have a tour in the pipeline which is a long time coming to be fair. I just hope that it will be a proper tour and not just a couple of performances in London.







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Apologies for the delay for New Favourites. There was a few teething problems however I am excited to be sharing with you what I have been blasting lately.

I am so happy to write this post, as some of you may know that  I love my music. It’s always a pleasure when artists send me new music, it makes me feel like I have a special delivery. I present to you the new playlist. New favourites is a feature that showcases new music.


It’s been awhile since the boys released new music and actually since Inspire last caught up with them. I remember it was this time last year when I last their last release of Parties N heartbreaks’NEW MUSIC FROM CODE NINETY -LADIES SPECIAL . Code Ninety are back with their new single ‘Love Again’ keeping the r&b/pop vibe and they sound a lot mature and better. Make sure you check out their music and the track ‘Closer’ which is another favourite.








Again its been a while since Inspire last featured this guy.  BEENIICE ‘YOU ME LOVE’ BEENIICE has been putting in the work for a long time now but in the past 12 months I have noticed the graft with his music and BEENIICE as a brand.  I must say I was personally proud to see Jamaican/ UK Comedian White Yardie featuring BE for his promotion for the ‘Straight Outta Of Jamaica’ tour.

This is great to see as Beeniice has always been humble, positive and a hard worker.

I really like his spin on PartyNextDoor track ‘Run Up’ which features Nicki Minaj and Major Laser on the production.

BEE let me into his thought process for the this remix, here’s what he had to say

The song writing process. I heard the song, searched for the instrumental and thought let me add my flavour to this.

I heard the beat, the melody, flow, tempo, words and theme all came together. I wrote this song in about 30 mins. I recorded and mixed the track in my studio.
I always have a creative approach when writing songs. I use words to paint a picture and for those who listen keenly will realise that beneath the vibrant lyrics and delivery there is always a message in the song.
This track in particular is all about expressing emotions and feelings towards a special someone in your life as well as uplifting women letting them know that they are appreciated.


This track is not new as it was published last year December, however I had never heard it before until recently and I thought it sounded so dope. Get You is a real smooth, soul/ r&b sound.  I  don’t know about anyone else but for me I feel like there are certain songs and certain types of music that sound so so good on Sundays and this is that track that just sounds tremendous on Sundays and in general.
 About Daniel,

Check out this little piece for more info about Daniel Ceasar
DALEY ‘Until the pain is gone’  feat. JILL SCOTT
I absolutely love this song. I know Daley has always been winning with the high pitches but his vocals on this song is on another level.  I feel this is a great collaboration and both Daley and Jill really bounce off each other harmonies and tones. Daley’s new anticipated album ‘The Spectrum’ is set to be release in the summer 2017.
Until The Pain Is Gone is now available to download
I am really loving Kara’s cover which originally belongs to the soulful singer Sade. I like that Kara has her own style and doesn’t sound like Sade. The 19 year old 19 has been busy in the studio working with the likes of The Invisible Men (Zayn, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea), Sebastian Kole (Alessia Cara, Jennifer Lopez), Shea Taylor (Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Rihanna) to name a few and seems to be  crafting a sound that will undoubtedly give her many new fans in 2017.


Watch her acoustic performance of Lauryn Hill and D’angelo ‘Nothing Matters’

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You know when you hear a song and the lyrics are really relatable? Well when I heard ‘Send me you your location and lets focus on communicating and lets feel the vibrations’, I really felt vibes. The beat is nice and laid back which compliments Khalid’s vocals.  Location was released last year however the remix that features Lil Wayne and Khelani has been floating on the airwaves recently. I must say im not too keen on this remix with Lil Wayne’s short feature but this track is still heavy.









“Location” The Remix ft. Lil Wayne and Kehlani now available on Apple Music:…

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That is all for now and remember your feedback is always welcomed.  Look out for the next New Favourites playlist.

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Womens Month has been quite humbling this year, I didn’t see too much hype but its great to see more well-known brands embracing women more and more. Inspire has touched on Nike  expanding their clothes for women which will include new a range of sports wear for Muslim women and also we will see more ranges for curvaceous women. GO NIKE!! Inspire has also touched on hair stories around the world as we see more young girls and women accepting their natural hair.

Mothers Day was embraced 26th March and as always I love seeing the pictures and videos of the moms from those I personally know and even celebrities.

Another interesting event which took place last week in Florida was the LWBET (Leading Women Defined conference). The event was hosted by BET Network from 21st March-24th March, where there was numerous of activities, discussions, music and attendees from the Erykah Badu, Kelis and Megan Good to name a few.

Leading Women Defined gathers the most prominent African American women in the country for poignant conversations on issues that matter to them most and their communities. Past LWD participants include luminaries such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Erykah Badu, Robin Roberts, Cicely Tyson, Kamala Harris, Jill Scott, Queen Latifah, Hillary Clinton, Venus Williams, Thelma Golden, Janelle Monae, Regina King, Gabrielle Union, Tracee Ellis Ross, and the late Dr. Dorothy Height.


Catch up on what happened here



You can also check the tweets

Hopefully Inspire wil be an attendee for the 9th Annual event.



Lets end Womens Month on a high with poetry from Jade. This a mothers day tribute  from her 52 Fridays segment.


IG: @jaderich18


SnapChat: @jaderich18






Words By Vanessa Ryan

Links and images credited to BET and Centric TV

Feature Image by Kirsty Artz


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. I’ve spent this weekend doing retail therapy with my Nan and my friend but the funniest thing is that it wasn’t me doing the spending.😩 I’m also happy  that England has a few days of sun which always helps.

To help celebrate this loving day I wanted to dedicate this song to all the mothers around the world alive or no longer with us on earth.

It’s a great song and emphasises to  appreciate love.  I thought this song is so fitting for mother’s day because our love for them is mostly unconditional, indescribable. Moms are our rocks for most of us.
Cherish the love if you are able to.

“Everything”by Egypt

Egypt’s new track Everything is now available…







Words by Vanessa


Hello readers.

Over the past few months I have been apart of a meet up/project with the BBC where we have shared brilliant local and international news and looking at how to get positive news on to the BBC networks. I have met some amazing young women who are all passionate about media and  sharing great stories and one of them is a lady called Jeba Ali who recently did the “Big Chop”. Jeba donated all 17 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Charity which makes wigs for children experiencing hair loss.

“My hair is very personal to me and it’s part of my identity,”

Read more about Jeba’s hair story here courtesy of the BBC England


“History is being made”: the mum fronting an #afrovisibility campaign to encourage black females to embrace their natural hair. Via BBC London


After deciding they were not being represented in the magazines they read, a group of young Canadians decided to create their own.

Black Girl’s Magazine contains a collection of articles and cartoons written by the students, aged 9 to 13.


Watch as five girls who always straighten their natural hair get back to their curly roots with celeb hairstylist Vernon François


Inspire is very keen on sharing more creativity and positivity so please get in touch.

Stories courtesy of BBC England. Thank you Jeba and to the BBC for sharing these stories.


If you or know someone who would like to be featured in Womens Month please email




By Vanessa Ryan


International Womens Day is just phenomenal. To see love spreading around the world and women recognising women is just awesome. Lets not do it for 1 day and continue to uplift our fellow sisters especially when we live in a society where depression has increased and the media is constantly reporting negative news. In 2017 we need positivity to take over and we need people to smile more.

What has inspired your smile today?

To answer my own question, the sun makes me smile as it gives me more hope and more life.

Highlights from International womens day.




This one is my favourite. YES!




Courtesy Of Nike

This is great and when I heard this news I thought ‘Why didnt Nike think of this idea before? It’s not as if Muslim women don’t enjoy sports or attend gyms/fitness centres. Nike have really set a trend here and I hope other sporting brands follow suit.  Highlighting different cultures and creating trends should be something for every business to think about. It’s not just about saying ” diversity” because it sounds good but actually put your words into action and give more hope for women full stop. It needs to be normal to see women and women of colour on beauty adverts, on sports brands on TV and everything else we see and hear daily.



Nike’s new hijab is designed to make sports more comfortable for Muslim women and goes on sale in 2018.




The company has been working on the product for more than a year, meeting with top-flight athletes like United Arab Emirates’ Amna Al Haddad, Nike+ Run Club Coach Manal Rostom, and Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari to determine how to make a functional head covering that meets the cultural requirements of some female Muslim athletes.

“I was thrilled and a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab.” – ZHARA LARI


Courtesy Of Nike





Courtesy of Nike:      Model Gracie

I am here for this, finally a sporting brand that actually does care about us curvaceous women. I’m glad because although I may not have a problem buying sports wear but there are a lack in sizes especially 16 + or the sizes do not fit properly. I do struggle with sports bras big time. I really hope Nike have improved their sports bras in this collection because some of us curvaceous women are quite tittyful (LOL I made that up) and the current bras that are available don’t actually support our breasts during fitness activities, nor are they made to the size its says on the label. It would also be really great if track suits bottoms were made to compliment our body shapes. So my message to Nike is “Come on through with your new ideas”.




The new plus size collection is now available on and in selected stores.



Also big up Gracie Francesca representing as always for curvaceous women.


Words By Vanessa Ryan


Images and some content taken from


March is one of my favourite months as it can be a transitional month for a lot of people. March is also the month that’s dedicated to women as International Womens day is literally around the corner (March 8th) and we also celebrate Mothers Day (March 26th). I also like the fact that the sun is shining as I type this article which lets me know that summer is soon upon us.

I have put together an all ladies  playlist for this Months New Favourites. The playlist will be made up from some of female artists that just bless my ears and makes me feel motivated to keep focus on my mission. Every week I will be updating the playlist throughout March with tunes solely for the ladies.

Please note that some of the songs are excplicit.


Ray Blk ‘Patience’

I love Ray songs and I think the lyrics in this freestyle are so necessary especially when we are living in a fast pace world. Patience is the key and just do what you have to do at your pace.


Mabel ‘Thinking Of You’

There is always someone who is thinking of you, even when you don’t think they are.

Cherri V #1

One of my favs from Cherri V

Every woman wants to feel like they are n01, however we shouldnt be fighting to get to the top spot.




Kehlani ‘Piece Of Mind’

Kehlani makes music that every woman can relate to. Piece Of Mind is my transitional track the lyrics are everything and I can personally relate to nearly every word.


Kehlani ‘Too Much’

Ladies we know that we are too much of a women for some but never stop being your natural self. What maybe too much for some maybe perfect for some. This track gives me a boost and reminds me not change for no one but myself.


Bibi Bourelly- ‘Ballin’

Bibi just says it straight ‘I’m so m’fuckin awesome’.  Have some of the awesomness.


Ella Mai ‘She Don’t’


Emmavie ‘BOOM’



Nao ‘In the morning’

I really like Nao as she is a very diverse artist and she doesnt stick to one style of music. Most of  the track are very bold. I like mura masa I think he is a great producer they have worked together before and this is just a feel good tune.


I am looking forward to posting some real interesting content for us women, so please stay with me and as always your feedback are really appreciated.
Inspire Mysmile 💜

Words By Vanessa Ryan