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I would like to apologise for the lack of posts for womens month. Every year Inspire Mysmile normally has a theme or just blog some inspiring stories however this year due to personal circumstances I havent been able to feature as much as I would have liked to. However I have managed to put together a small all female playlist who have some banging  tunes and I am just totally loving the vibes and appreaciating the beats and vocals from these artists. I really hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.







Egypt Official New Single ‘Start Over’ produced by @Jt_m1 teaser video filmed by Taylor Out Now :…

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandparents, and godmothers. Enjoy today (March 11th). Ladies Happy Women’s Month, yes March is our month to embrace and celebrate.


Inspire Mysmile 💜


dbt remix

Listen I am here for this collaboration. Last time UK’s finest female MC came together was back in 2012 with ‘Rock The Mic’and it was so sick that I didn’t feel like there was any comparison because every female was on fire. Now fast forward to 2017/18 one of  my favourites Lioness, is back with new music which she graced our ears with last year with ‘DBT’ which stands for ‘Dead Black Ting.’ Lioness  highlights a very important message about colourism, and just the whole degrading of black females. The tune is sick and with the exception of DJ Target who played it first on BBC 1XTRA. I felt not enough platforms shared and supported this track. So this time round Lioness has brought through some dope ladies to join her on the remix. Each of the ladies have some HARRRD bars and few things to get off their chest. I would encourage my readers to really listen to the lyrics.

I must say I heard this track last Friday (2nd March) on Dotty’s BBC 1xtra breakfast show and I was gassed. Recently I wrote a post on Twitter about why UK Female artist hardly ever collaborate with each other. I think record labels should encourage this but more importantly female artists who often talk about “female empowerment” should reach out to fellow artists they like etc etc. So big up to Lioness, Queenie, Stush, Lady Leshurr, Shystie and Little Simz and I hope to hear more collaborations from these ladies.

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Flex,Youngz, Ish ,Gio & Bandz are a collective of friends from Ipswich (ips) J-block. They started doing music in 2010 just for fun. 2016 they saw that they were receiving good feedback and support so they took their music more seriously and upped their game in the studio.

‘YTBYTN’. Young Trap Niggaz

Young Trap Niggaz from the J-Side, realist in ippy trying to beat the system. The rest is in our music.

Check out their track ‘Poverty’

 Doubt Me
Thats all for this week. Keep a look for next week for more new music by fresh artists and also a special guest feature by the “Manny”( male nanny, child carer) who is doing bits and changing old ways and paving the way for more male nannys.
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Hi Readers,

So I’ve been on the hunt for fresh creativity, something different. A few weeks ago I responded to a tweet on Twitter and I just said that Inspire Mysmile is always looking for new artists, creativity to feature on the blog. To say the least I was over whelmed by the response that was received from artists who are so passionate and just want to be heard as so many are often ignored by industry masses. Let me say it was hard going through all of the music. So here are some of the early entries so far. As I didn’t receive enough singers to add to my ‘Green light’ playlist, I thought it would be easier to just have separate features on here instead.  More artists will be added next week.

Lucas J Rowe

Lucas has been singing/rapping/songwriting since the age of 14.  Now at 26 years old he has taken his music career to a more professional level. Lucas describes his sounds a combination of genres, covering afro beats, garage, rnb, dancehall.  Lucas is putting Cardiff, WALES on the map with performances in various clubs supporting artists such as Not3s, Dj Ironik, Kojo funds as well as support from BBC radio wales, Captial xtra, Radio Cardiff and many more stations that have played his songs.

Currently Lucas is working on a few behind the scenes projects and a new Ep which will be released on digital platform sometime this year.

Check out ‘Next Time’ feat.Brenna




Dede Davi is a singer songwriter from Croydon.  Dede was studying at University Of Manchester where she started to do a few gigs here and there. Soon after one of her songs was featured BBC Introducing on 1xtra.  Dede went to the Academy of Contemporary Music, and from there signed to Schubert Music Publishing, where is she is  currently working on an E.p. Dede released her first song ‘Calling the Clock‘, which was recorded with Alan wilder from Depeche Mode just over a year ago and went to  no. 11 on the german alternative charts.

Recently Dede did two London Live television performances 1 being Sofar sounds and has upcoming shows.

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Hayden Jamal

Matthew-Jamahl Hayden also known as Hayden Jamal, is an American rapper, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. Hayden Jamal initially gained recognition as a rapper and video creator on youtube in 2017 creating videos about home studio equipment. Intent on pursuing a career as a rapper, he writes and records all of his music from home. Hayden Jamal is also known as to have coined the term “Igloo” and “Little Igloo” for the state of Minnesota.

Check out Hayden’s soundcloud he has mad flow, very unapologetic.

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Words by the artists
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Hello Readers, Happy 2018.

Thank you all for being patient whilst I have been making some changes for the blog. I am pleased to say that Inspire Mysmile’s official playlist is now ready. New Favourites has had a slight makeover and will now be easier for YOU to listen and download via Soundcloud.

This months playlist is Funky, Afro, Dancehall inspired, with a mixture of tunes taken from Donaeo’s Party Harder Album as well as Deep house mix from DJ Pioneer and UK Funky mix from DJ Silent Sam.


I am currently working on a RnB playlist in time for Valentines Day. The playlist will be called ‘Green light’ with tunes from the 80’s 90’s and present from new upcoming artists. Also there will be a unique feature about The ‘Manny’ (male nanny) who is providing a unique but fantastic baby sitting service. More details coming soon.

Thank you to the artists who have sent their music to be featured on here. Keep looking out for your music as it will be added to the next playlists.

Words By Vanessa Ryan