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As we are coming to the end of summer.  Winter is coming upon us, this is also the season where see a lot of events such as concerts, awards & charity ceremonies and various other events. Also BLM (Black History Month) where we use the month of October to educate and celebrate Black history in the UK by expressing our creativity. Over the next coming weeks and months I will be posting various events that are taking place here in Birmingham and also in other cities in the UK.

This post is solely for events and performances that are coming up in Birmingham (UK).


Introducing Birmingham’s First Music Industry Mixer Event …
Inviting all Creatives to Promote, Network and Connect!

This is your opportunity to :

-Share, Connect and Promote your Services within the Music Industry

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-Network and Interact with Like Minded People

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-Enjoy a Fantastic After Party with DJ Darny Ranx

-Win Studio Time, Radio Air Time + Many More Raffle Prizes

If you would like to showcase your skills/services on the night, please Contact Us –, this is on a first come first serve basis.

For tickets and more information about this event please click






WEDS 4th October Mabel will be performing in Birmingham @ 02 Institute2. Performing her the tracks from the ‘Bedroom EP’, including the new single “Finders Keepers”. Mabel is currently doing a mini UK Tour, supporting artist Mahalia.  Read my April post about Mabel NEW FAVOURITES

Purchase your tickets

Bedroom is out now on digital outlets


cadets tour

Cadet is finally doing a mini UK tour and will be in Birmingham Thursday 7th December  with special guests. Cadet is an artist that I have been excited about for ever since his letter to Krept COUSIN LOVE and his growth in the last 12+ months has been so inspiring. The freestyle, performances around the UK and recently the release of “The commitment 2” album are proof of how much hard work truly pays off.  Inspire is hoping to get an interview with Cadet ahead of his performance.  Check out his latest freestyle #forthep***ychallenge. For the bants and jokes its worth a watch and probably the best one so far that’s come from this challenge.

purchase your tickets

Commitment 2 is out now


I will be posting more events next week so keep a look out for them.


NEW FAVOURITES will be up next week too.

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Greetings readers,

Its been a while since I lasted posted on the blog. I apologise for the delay but don’t worry I have been collating ideas for new features on the blog for future developments. Thank you for still checking the website daily to see if there has been updates. Lastly I want to send love to my readers in the Caribbean Islands who are going through the most traumatic events right now from hurricane Irma my sincere thoughts are with you all.

Lets get into the playlist.


Yxng bane is killing it right now.  The East London-born rapper specializes in dance hall-infused R&B, but stays true to the culture with  blending genres from across the board with the afrobeats sounds.  Yxng Bane’s most popular song is the‘Shape of You Remix’, he has featured on songs with  Kojo Funds, Yungen, AfroWave Tayá and many more. ‘Rihanna’ is receiving so much good feedback from DJs, bloggers. The song has over a million views on YouTube already. It’s currently  played in the clubs overseas and most urban radio stations such as BBC 1xtra, Captial xtra. This song is definitely in my top favourites, it’s so sick I can’t get enough of it.

‘Rihanna’ is available on all digital outlets

Stream on Spotify –…

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Buy on iTunes –…


STEFFLON DON ‘HURTIN ME’ Feat, French Montana

Another tune that has my ears is Stefflon Don’s  new song “Hurtin Me” feat French Montana.  The into where she belts out “Breakfast in bed, I got you begging for it” is just so catchy and the way she cries out “I heard you got a new girlfriend and its hurtin me”, those lines carry so much emotion we hear the hurt in her voice. I like it because its appeals to her female audience and as a female myself I know how it feels when we see the guy with a new girlfriend because we get in our feelings. So I can really relate to the lyrics. It’s a good song, with or without French Montana, I feel like this track is so diverse she could do various remixes.

Steff has already claimed the title of a real MC, her inventive rap and dance hall inspired wordplay  has caught the attention of many grime artists, even  Drake .  Stephanie Allen was born in Birmingham (UK) before moving to the Netherlands and London with her family. Growing with both parents who speak patois her dancehall style came natrually as it is quite popular in the Netherlands. In 2015 she was turning heads with her version of Wretch 32 “Six Words” and Section Boys “Lock Arf”. Since then she’s been in high demand, appearing on tracks by the likes of Lethal Bizzle(Wobble remix) , Sneakbo (Work remix) and Angel (Hop On) .Rounding off her success last year she was named on the BBC Sound of 2017 longlist then the release of Real Ting Mixtape which has been a great success for Steff with the track such as ‘Real Ting’ where she actually embraces herself  with lyrics like “belly fat, belly marked up” and she is still bad with diamonds in her rolly (Rolex). Although I do like her previous tunes, well 16 shots is one of my favs,  Hurtin Me is a big tune and will grow on a lot of people the more it is played on the airwaves.

BUY/STREAM: Stefflon Don – Hurtin’ Me (feat. French Montana).



Melisa dropped her first track ‘Played’ in January this year and was featured as BBC Introducing Track of the Week on BBC Radio 1Xtra.
Melisa followed this with the track  ‘Sweetest Cake’ in March, this time gaining attention across both sides of the Atlantic from blogs such as  Wonderland, AFROPUNK, OK-THO and Clash Magazine all featuring what they championed as a major new voice in UK soul and R&B.
Now coming with the second taster from her forthcoming debut E.P. ‘Moon & The Sky’, ‘Billin’ is outspoken and harder, which brings a whole new dimension to Melisa’s work. .It’s also an edgy, soulful banger that keeps the young star’s reputation building.

Melisa premiered ‘Billin’ on DJ Ace’s show at BBC 1xtra’s Live Lounge last month and later performed at this years Notting Hill Carnival. Billin is taken from her latest upcoming EP  Moon +The Sky’ which set to be released this month.   This is such as good tune with smooth melodies and its catchy.

Keep a look out for Melisa’s music as I feel we will hear more from this artist.



‘BILLIN’ is available on all media outlets……

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OMG this is another song that I cant get enough of. The lyrical content is humoureous, the flow and production is just BAD!! Instanly it makes you bop your head. For those that may not be familiar withCASisDEAD, also known as CAS and formerly Castro, is a UK Rap/Grime MC, producer, visual director, entrepreneur from Tottenham (London). He has is own record label under the name of  imreallydead, through which he releases his own music. He began rapping in 2005 under the name Castro Saint, a moniker he kept until 2007. In his first spell in music, Castro made no music videos. He resumed a music career in 2012 under the name CASisDEAD.Since returning to music in 2012 he has worn a mask during all public appearances and videos, this has led to speculation over his true identity.

CAS has released several songs this year such as ‘Do It Again’ (Mineo ft. CASisDEAD), ‘Too Much Drugs’ (feat. Chase & Status), ‘The Grid’, ‘Danger’feat (Shola Ama x CASisDEAD), ‘The Code.’





Wretch 32  is back and has teamed up with Donae’o and Kojo Funds on the track ‘Whistle’, produced by one of the Birmingham’s finest producers Rymez.  This is a strong line up  as we have Wretch highlighting how Black lives matter, Donae’o belting the hook “We got to get the money, beacuse the money is ours” and Kojo giving us the deep voice vocals. The collaboration also works because I feel its a long time over due project for Wretch and Donae’o together on a track but also ideal for Kojo to be on this track with Donaeo because I personally feel that both artists sound quite similar. Wretch has been a little quiet since the success of  the ‘Growing Over Life‘ album last year but he has also spent time in Jamaica and is currently working on his forth coming album. I think we can expect to hear to some serious music from Wretch towards the end of this year into 2018.


“Whistle” is out now:




This collaboration surprised me. I didn’t see it coming at all, but it works. It’s a rare occasion to see two artists  who both equally successful from the West Midlands  linking up on projects such as this. As I typed this I was listening to Jorja on Charlie Sloth’s 1xtra show explaining how this collaboration came about, where she said that herself and Preditah paired together about 2 years ago in a session with singer-songwriter Ed Thomas.

Jorja Smith started 2016 with her career-making number “Blue Lights”, a slew of high-profile singles and collabs with the likes of Drake and Kali Uchis  I like how ‘On My Mind’ has hints of how garage sounded in 1998-2000 where producers like Arftul Dodger x Craig David, Wookie and MJ Cole who were and still are masters at putting together their productions with R&B/pop artists. The collaboration also reminds me of when Wookie linked up with Eliza Doolittle on ‘The Hype’ track. Preditah is definately one of the best producers to come from Birmingham (UK) along with Rymez and both have a catalogue of classics with probably most of the top UK grime mc’s and rappers.

Listen to ‘On My Mind’ –




Tayá singer-songwriter from Liverpool has teamed up with Yxng Bane on her latest song ‘When ur sober.’

“’When Ur Sober’ is probably the most personal song I’ve ever released. I think pretty much everyone can relate to going through a rocky patch in a relationship, and finding themselves needing reassurance, but not getting it. Sometimes it’s just good to hear that you’re not the only one” – Tayá


I truly agree that the lyrics are relatable and may hit home for many people.  Tayá is signed to Atlantic Records, has her 6 track self titled E.P which is available now. Tayá is also about to headline her first show on the 4th October @ Thousand Island you can purchase ticketshere


Yxng Bane



As always please let me know which songs are your favourites, lets talk readers.


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Following on from the last post MENS MIXED MESSAGES its only right to write about what mixed messages women may send out to men that causes them to be confused sometimes.

1. “Chill”

How many times has the word “Chill” confused both male and female? It’s because we have different imaginations for what will happen. The man’s version maybe to watch a movie, munchies, drinks and then eventually to bedroom or on the sofa, whereas a womans version of chilling is to enjoy his company by getting closer to him to feel comfortable whilst watching “Netflix.” It also means conversations and laughing, maybe play games and if she is comfortable she will allow a few kisses, touch and rub up (you get the picture).

So guys the next time a girl says “We can chill” don’t think she will want to have sex with you just keep an open mind and make her feel comfortable.


2. Break ups /healing time

Ok some women may jump into something new straight away after a break up and the majority of women wait until they feel ready and everything in their life has balanced out.

When a guy  wants a  woman so bad he is persistent and he will gain her attention. They have good conversations, banter/jokes etc. They meet up a few times and he will keep on telling her how much he likes her and how he wants to get to know her a bit more and then she hits him with “I’m not looking for another relationship” or “I’m not ready to let you in”.PAUSE. This is where guys think that women give off mixed messages.

  1. Just because a woman is talking to a guy this does not mean anything at all, there is no label or title to what you are doing.
  2. If the woman has told you that she’s not ready to go further but she’s happy to still speak, date or whatever it is, then just go with her vibes and still have options. Remember neither one owe each other anything.
  3. Never pressure the woman especially if she is healing but believe women will mentally note a man’s persistency and efforts.
  4. If after weeks/months of casual meet ups or just talking and the woman doesn’t feel the connection what the man may have towards her, please guys do not be awkward and say things like “Why waste my time?” Be respectful, stay as friends or just mutually delete each others number and continue with life.


3.Not in the mood for sex is not a personal rejection.

Another thing men receive mixed messages to is when women are not in the mood for that intimate time (sex). To men if a woman doesn’t want to make love then this is rejection and it is assumed that she is entertaining other men. The difference between men and women is that if the man doesn’t want to have sex, women can accept that and will try to caress the man in other ways. However men tend to be confused and  argue.

I can assure you guys that if a woman does not want to have sex it’s because she is genuinely not in the mood for it. Sometimes situations can influence the mood such as stress, tiredness and many other things. This is not a personal rejection.When it comes to sex women can easily turn on and turn off their feelings towards sex with no explanation for it.  Dont take it personal.

I think we all need to do more at expressing our feelings and be more clear from the get go. I do think women mixed signals are more complex but it’s up to the guys to ask the questions before making a move.


Please feel free to add more to this topic if you feel so.





When music sounds so sweet again and I have to really say thank you to the artists who go in the studio and record their tracks and know within themselves that the track BANGS!!. I also have to say thank you to the DJs who are constantly playing new music from artists who I have to research on because that’s what keeps the blogs alive.

Right now  I have some beautiful, beautiful songs that range from R&B and Reggae.

TANKIA “Kingston 13”

It’s been a while since we have heard new music from Tanika but this tune right here so is beautiful the lyrics are meaningful and I love the inspiration she has expressed from Jamaica. I love the beat it reminds me of the old time reggae accoustic sounds.

After releasing her independent EP ‘Out Here’ last February (featuring Stormzy, Wretch 32 and Chip). Tanika is back Kingston 13 taken from her upcoming EP “Birthdays In Jamaica”. Part one of a two part release written and recorded in various parts of Jamaica. Birthdays in Jamaica sees Tanika draw for various experiences from being a young lady in Brixton, London, growing up with a Jamaican father and finding and loosing love along the way.

Kingston 13 is the lead single from the release, a song Tanika made about a love interest who since record has sadly passed away.

Birthdays In Jamaica EP will be out on iTunes/ Spotify /Apple Music on 18th August 2017.

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The Birmingham Roots, Reggae & Dancehall Singer, songwriter Claire Angel caught  my attention when I heard this track on David Rodigan’s BBC 1xtra show and I really like the melody and lyrics that enocurage us to “Never give up” no matter how life pans out. I have heard of  Claire Angel before but never really checked her out until now. Never Give Up a Ang- UK Production. Claire won Britian Got Reggae 2016

Here is a 30 secs snippet


Never Give Up is out now


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SHAGGY feat. ROMAIN VIRGO “Promises”

I am loving this song right now. I just love Romain’s smooth vocals and the way he emphasises”I don’t want to see you cry” just makes me feel like I want to cry but with happy tears.  Recently Shaggy was featured on the “Crazy Glue” riddim by DJ FRASS  which is probably one of the best riddims thats around right now. Promises was produced by a producer called Llamar “Riff Raff”Brown. Riff Raff he has produced tracks for top artists including: Damian Marley, Queen Ifrica, Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley, Morgan Heritage, Jah Cure, and the list goes on.

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I am not really a big fan of James Arthur, however James is one of those artists who makes tracks every so often  that gets a pass in “non commercial” or “urban”scene with some tracks. This track “Sun Comes Up” is a BANGER!! I can not lie. Maybe it’s because Rudimental have cooked up another banger.  I have recently heard a remix from Steel Banglez feat Mist, who has a nice intro. Now i’m not sure if the version with Mist is available to download  but I really like the idea of Rudimental, James Aruthur Steel Banglez and Mist all one track.  I am so happy that Rudimental are back with new music and on the search for new singers to vocal their productions after some great successes with Anne Marie, Elle Eyre, Will Heard and many more.



Download or stream now at:

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Sober is available everywhere now

I don’t know too much about Mahalia other than that she is singer- songwriter from the midlands towns Leciester  and she is what I call a refreshing artist. I absolutley love “Sober” because I resonate with the lyrics and love  love Mahalia’s vocals simply because she sounds like nobody else and has done a great job at identifying her own sound. I like how diverse her music is.

Check out the EP “Diary Of Me”

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This week playlist has pure bangers, I really mean top notch music. Check out the new favourites and let me know which songs you are feeling right now.


Words By Vanessa Ryan








Whilst we are planning or in the midst of the summer holidays its that time to get us in the mood sun,sea and beach with some of the best playlist that is definetly doing BITS.

So download, stream and turn up the volume on these badass mixes.


(Sidenote) I am currently listening to this for my work out sessions.


Listen to J Rapidz mixes


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Listen to  DJ Demz mixes






Listen to Twista DJ mixes














There are two 2 more mixes that I can not forget so click  to see me big up 1 more DJ.

Any Djs have summer mixes that you want me to check out please email


Words By Vanessa Ryan




When men and women feel a connection with each other they also give out mixed messages and read them in the wrong way. However men seem to do this thing where they will consistently tell the woman how much they like her but don’t actually act on their words. This comes across as mixed messages to us women. Here is why..

  1. The woman might really like the man and he will pick up on that because usually women tend to make more effort in wanting to get know the guy.  Take note on the words she may use, the hints and suggestions. These are clues to let the man know that she is not playing around. However for every time men make excuses like I’m working”, “I’m not around/available”, I’ll get back to you”I’m in the gym” to every suggestions please believe she will be confused and annoyed. Women analyse nearly everything and if men are not showing their true feelings but constantly express how much they like women, then this is clearly mixed signals.

2. If you are linking (not 100% in a relationship) and the woman wants more than just the sexual interaction but the man only wants to link and have sex, THIS in itself is mixed messages. Imagine how she feels, loves the sex and wants a relationship but is limited to just sex!? How does that work. In the linking world a lot of women do tend to want a relationship with their link because there is more than just sexual chemistry. A relationship could work if men would stop using the term “link” as an excuse to do half measures. In other words does things that’s required in a relationship but doesn’t want to commit if that makes sense. Unfortunately when they meet the woman they really want to commit to he will give her everything that the “link” really wanted him.  Guys it’s IMPORTANT to know the link will have respect for you but more importantly you are her friend and really the man that she wants to go to when she’s low, the one she wants to go for drinks with, cinemas etc. My advice to men in this situation is actually take the time to think and analyse how your link expresses herself towards you as there could actually be clues that will prevent the mixed messages you give out or receive.

3. Mixed messages through social media and phone texting  is a big problem as we tend to misinterpret the message behind the messages. A lot of us in today’s world  use memes and quotes to say how we feel or what we think about another person which may come across as ‘indirect messages’ to someone in specific and this is the start of mixed messages. Imagine you are seeing someone and they write a status on Facebook, use certain quotes on their whats app and you think to yourself  “Are they directing this to me?” Baring in mind that they could be finessing off someone else you have no idea about, however you think the status is about you because as far you are concerned there is no problem. So you feel some way and start to respond to their “indirect messages”.  Can you see the problem here? Instead of COMMUNICATING to each we would rather assume and conclude something that will lead to arguments and fall outs.

To prevent mixed messages and miscommunication we have to start doing the opposite and talk to each other directly. Women need to stop analysing everything men say and men need to be more direct and honest with women that way we can move forward and focus on the bigger picture.

Look out for Womens Mixed Messages

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Hi Readers

Who has been enjoying the sun and good music to add to the heat?

I have just put another FIRE playlist for this week. Please let me know your thoughts about the playlist.


TAMMY RIVERA “All These Kisses

The beautiful Singer, Swimsuit Designer  TV personality of Love & Hip-Hop  Tammy Rivera recently shared what she has been working on in the studio to some of her fellow crew members whilst in Jamaica.  Tammy revealed that her songs are about her pain and love dedicated to her rapper husband Wacka Flocka.

I am very much looking forward to hearing the other songs especially the one that was heard by the other LHHA members a few weeks back. On the other hand I really like “All Of These Kisses” it makes me feel warm, like I want to lay somebody with somebody with some kisses. Big up yourself Tammy the song it HOT and has been on repeat for the past 2 weeks.

You can purchase All Of These Kisses here








Shystie one of the UK’s favourite female rapper is back with a brand new track called “Wake up”. This time she has teamed up with  Ads Valu who is signed to F-Block Music and has worked with Vanessa White on her E.P “Chapter 2.”

Wake Up has a nice drum and bass sound, it’s not too heavy and deep. However it will definitely have you bopping your head and tapping your foot. I like the fact that its one of those songs that will grow on you and also it’s good to hear Shystie on different sounds. I also like how distinctive she sounds.



Buy & Stream Wake Up






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Twitter: @adsvalu

Instagram: @adsvalu



I heard “Pump” on DJ Target’s show on BBC 1xtra and I like it. I am a fan of house and Edm sounds so when I heard pump it was quite refreshing as I havent heard a quality commercial dance production in a minute. This prodcution is great to work to in the gym, at raves/parties and it just makes gassed for summer.


What do we know about Valentino Khan?

The producer makes everything from hip hop club anthems to dance music hits. . He has produced hip hop sounds for multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning artists such as B.o.B., T.I., Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Iggy Azalea, Tyga and Kid Sister.




Stream “Pump”
Apple Music:

Download “Pump”
Google Play:



That is your lot for this week. 3 extra bangers added to the playlist. I have so much more tunes to share that I am loving right now and I will upload them next week.

In the mean time between time please check out my new feature The T.E.A ( Time, Effort, Attention) blog which is the new relationships feature to help inspire and guide us for better relationships and for men to understand women a lot better.



Words By Vanessa Ryan