International Womens Day is just phenomenal. To see love spreading around the world and women recognising women is just awesome. Lets not do it for 1 day and continue to uplift our fellow sisters especially when we live in a society where depression has increased and the media is constantly reporting negative news. In 2017 we need positivity to take over and we need people to smile more.

What has inspired your smile today?

To answer my own question, the sun makes me smile as it gives me more hope and more life.

Highlights from International womens day.




This one is my favourite. YES!




Courtesy Of Nike

This is great and when I heard this news I thought ‘Why didnt Nike think of this idea before? It’s not as if Muslim women don’t enjoy sports or attend gyms/fitness centres. Nike have really set a trend here and I hope other sporting brands follow suit.  Highlighting different cultures and creating trends should be something for every business to think about. It’s not just about saying ” diversity” because it sounds good but actually put your words into action and give more hope for women full stop. It needs to be normal to see women and women of colour on beauty adverts, on sports brands on TV and everything else we see and hear daily.



Nike’s new hijab is designed to make sports more comfortable for Muslim women and goes on sale in 2018.




The company has been working on the product for more than a year, meeting with top-flight athletes like United Arab Emirates’ Amna Al Haddad, Nike+ Run Club Coach Manal Rostom, and Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari to determine how to make a functional head covering that meets the cultural requirements of some female Muslim athletes.

“I was thrilled and a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab.” – ZHARA LARI


Courtesy Of Nike





Courtesy of Nike:      Model Gracie

I am here for this, finally a sporting brand that actually does care about us curvaceous women. I’m glad because although I may not have a problem buying sports wear but there are a lack in sizes especially 16 + or the sizes do not fit properly. I do struggle with sports bras big time. I really hope Nike have improved their sports bras in this collection because some of us curvaceous women are quite tittyful (LOL I made that up) and the current bras that are available don’t actually support our breasts during fitness activities, nor are they made to the size its says on the label. It would also be really great if track suits bottoms were made to compliment our body shapes. So my message to Nike is “Come on through with your new ideas”.




The new plus size collection is now available on Nike.com and in selected stores.




Also big up Gracie Francesca representing as always for curvaceous women.




Words By Vanessa Ryan


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It’s back. The models will compete for the Title Ms Curvaceous UK Next Month! This will be a event with Fashion, Music and Entertainment to give you an evening you will never forget! Celebrating women from all different backgrounds and sizes is amazing and I love to see womens confidence and self esteem beam when they realise just how beautiful they actually are.



For more information about Ms Curvaceous UK 2016 click here http://www.mscurvaceousuk.com

Get your earlybird tickets now before it’s too late http://www.mscurvaceousuk.com/tickets/


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To keep curves relevent I and so many my friends thought that this catwalk by Addition Elle was brilliant, the models looked fierce. Curves on the catwalk is sexy, as demonstrated by these models for fashion week last month. They looked gorgeous and I hope the fashion industry really changes how plus size is represented and actually represent it more.

Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/superstarmagazine/videos/10154579191797552/




April & May Highlights- WHATS NEW?

Hi readers

Over the past month Inspire has been pretty quiet but busy behind scenes, hence why there has been lack of posts. Inspire took small break so that it can research and look for n great entertaining content and also be inspired by new features. I hope the regualar readers still continue to follow and support and if you are a new reader, Welcome to Inspire Mysmile :).


Last month Inspire went to watch the badass, firey and tipped for ‘Ones to watch 2016’ Ray Blk perform at her first headline show at the Hoxton Bar& Kitchen.¬† Supporting artists included Tiana Major who stunned the crowd with her young¬† vocals and I must say from start to end it was 100% great entertainment.¬† I kind of like how the show was a all female line up with Siobhan Bell¬† on the decks. We was also in for a treat with¬† performances from Avelino and Stormzy.

Ray Blk


Ray has had great responses for 50/50 and is in progress of making her latest single ‘My hood’ which features Stormzy another hit. We can only hope that her album will follow sometime this year.

Check out the highlights









TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RayBLK_

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RayBlkMusic/

Purchase ‘My Hood’ on itunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/my-hood-feat.-stormzy-single/id1110793262






Couple weeks ago (2nd May) I attended the Natural Hair Week Event which was packed with good valuable nutritional information about afro hair. I went away with lots of GOODIES. I was very to purchase some Cantu products from the distributors as I find there is a massive difference in buying products from distributors to buying them in the ” Hair Beauty” shops.

There was great workshops, fantastic hair and fashion show where all the models were rocking african print designs. It was so beautiful to see a lot of the attendees were all embracing their natural hair,(except for me as I had weave unfortunately).

I was particualy inspired by Dr Lola Akingbola, I left with her book.


Dr Lola Akingbola is a Nigerian-born Medical Doctor based in London, UK with a special interest in hair and skin. Author of ‚Äú8 Weeks to Longer Hair‚ÄĚ and releasing her second book, ‚ÄúThe Transitioning Handbook‚ÄĚ this year. With her Masters in Clinical Dermatology from Cardiff University, she shares her knowledge of haircare online on www.lolascurls.com.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much photos as I was so engrossed and excited I actually FORGOT that this was going to be apart of the blog.. oops!!

However please feel free to check out some of the information here.

Workshops at Natural Hair Week UK 2016


I will also update this post with more images, please stay posted.

Words By Vanessa


imagesCA2AQKIX1748784-4-denim-vestPHOTO © TEAM PETER STIGTER

With Fashion Week taking place I thought it was only right I featured something to show¬†my appreciation for¬†new trends. In particularly to Mens fashion, as it¬†is changing with more similarities¬†to some¬†women’s¬†clothing like skinny jeans, long¬†dress type t-shirts; or should I¬†say fashion is becoming more appealing to both women and men, either way¬†I’m always¬†looking¬†at new innovative brands.¬†¬†Benjart¬†clothing are bringing back swag and masculinity in mens¬†clothing as they are set¬†to launch their unique selective¬†range in Manchester’s Harvey Nichols on February 21st .¬†¬†This¬†swarve brand¬†are set for a fantastic 2014.

The brand of Benjart is borne from shattered dreams… After finding obstructions in his path and being faced with difficult decisions, Mr Benjart had to persevere to break down barriers or find alternative routes to the top. These are life experiences that everyone must endure in order to find success, and Benjart is still climbing, so join him on his journey, and learn his story through the different stages of releases.

The London ¬†based¬†clothing,¬†which is run by¬†a talented collective originally¬†founded by Jerone¬†Benjart. His inspiration came from the fact that he was no longer going to buy other people’s brands but instead make his own establishment in men’s fashion. Jerome quoted in SQ magazine;

‚ÄúBecome bored of treading down the high street to pay ¬£40 for a t-shirt that I was likely to see worn by somebody else‚ÄĚ.

1_101-480x640 BgnCHdKIgAEucDR 7_12-480x640 jumper7_12-480x640

I encourage all men and women to check out Benjart lounge where you can shop and chill all at the same time. See the website for more information.





As you all know I like to be inspired by all things in arts and culture. I love my music as well as fashion trends, I decided to dip¬†in to the art world after finding inspiration from projects¬†i’ve been involved in such¬†Birmingham 2022(http://birmingham2022.wordpress.com/)¬†and Ms Curvaceous UK(http://mscurvaceousuk.wordpress.com/). So I reached out to designers, photographers and not forgetting¬†UK Fashion Stylist Denise Brown, who creates and styles.

Her passion is not create distinctive trends but to inspire and leave a ever-lasting impression. Denise a womenswear graduate from the world-renowned London College of Fashion, Denise acquired a strong adoration for fashion from the first time she picked up a needle and thread to hand sew her own outfit, aged just 12. She has worked alongside¬† fashion stylists such as Franklin Akinsete and Cynthia Lawrence-John,¬†¬†it was her¬†distinctive style that paved her to dress some of the biggest names in pop culture including Kanye West, Rihanna, Eliza Doolittle and the Noisettes. Denise’s international clientel includes MTV, GMTV, Nickelodeon and Polaroid. From there she went on to style campaigns for Bench, New Era just to name a few. It’s without doubt this diversed stylist has done everything.

In 2007 Denise launched her own fashion label ‚ÄėDon‚Äôt Judge Me‚Äô– a collection inspired by her struggles, accomplishments and life lessons. The collection won the hearts of many celebrities including Mariah Carey and Tulisa from N Dubz, who both wore items from the collection.¬† Don‚Äôt Judge Me captured the interest of the world‚Äôs media, allowing Denise to showcase her personal and original style on an international scale.

Denise has¬†over eight years of ample knowledge¬†in ¬†the fashion industry,¬†now she is¬†applying her expertise¬† through teaching, Denise has also set up a company called ‚ÄúFashion Changed My Life‚ÄĚ, which aims to inspire and encourage young people and adults to explore their creativity through fashion styling and dressmaking.

Check out DB HEREsplash-image1new-dawn-1




Prices can be found via the website
Prices can be found via the website  



¬†So for quite for some time I have been wanting to support independent¬†designers¬† through promoting/advertising and blogging. So I want to introduce you all to G’zell Designs, ‘which¬†is more than just a Brand with a logo. It’s a journey of creations. My reflection of life, collaborating with others to express their vision through personalised accessories or clothing’. As quoted¬† by the Ceo¬†Kaylighe¬†Reid. Kaylighe¬†is a creative of many¬†from dance,modelling, photography and design¬†as I’ve watched her grow from her love of dance and expressing art to designing and developing¬†her brand. Gzell¬†designs¬†was set up¬†9 months ago and within those 9 months I¬†want to¬†give this brand the credibility the brand and the team deserve which should appeal to other creatives.

Make sure you support¬†G’zell Designs¬†

You can make purchases from the Gzell design shop here  www.etsy.com/shop/gzelldesigns

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/gzelldesigns


 Words by Vanessa Ryan