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Thank you for reading the first instalment of Man Dem with Dayo. It sparked more interest to Inspire Mysmile from readers worldwide. If you havent read the interview you can here “MANDEM” GETTING TO KNOW DAYO.

The 2nd instalment comes from Joss Simmons who I’ve known as DJ Simmons from the “house”circuit and we’ve always kept in contact via social media. As the years have passed little did I know that he is also a fantastic ‘manny’ and worked in Child Care. The more Joss spoke out more about his profession it sparked more interest and I guess more clients as they heard about his services and skills  he has with children. Whats more unique is that he is a man in a role that’s usually associated with women. In a sense he is breaking several  stereotypes by encouraging more men in to child care. Joss has also featured on numerous blogs and podcasts and is an ambassador for Free your Mind.


Joss has now established his business “Jossy Care” and still DJs.

Joss…. I’m now 30  years old, but before I reached this milestone one day I found grey hairs in my beard and I just here thinking how and why?

I’ve always had a love for music I have old ears and I’m often caught listening to Gil Scott Heron,Dennis Brown and even Starvue. As a teenager I was fascinated  with UKG and I thought I was the 3rd member of “Heartless Crew”. I was also their biggest fan lol. These 3 guys made me fall in love with UKG and pirate radio but it was my mum and godmother who introduced me to garage, the sounds of Tuff Jam, DJ Spoony and  Todd Edwards etc. This is where my love for music built me up to wanting to become a DJ. Over the years I’ve ventured from UKG on vinyl and grew up on grime then matured to house using CDJS or a laptop.

That’s the sound I now play from the heart. Its taken me to every nightclub in London, as well as Ibiza and has had me organising my own events with other like-minded DJ’s and promoters.  Whilst doing the DJ thing  I also dabbled in retail from working for McDonalds to Harrods, JD Sports, Next and even Tesco’s as well as office work.

I give thanks to my mother for helping me find a career path by showing me an advert for a job in a nursery.

At the time I was volunteering in my little brothers school and nursery before hand. I applied for the role my mum found in the newspaper and got the job on the spot. It’s during my time at that nursery that I found that working with children was for me and god given role. I’ve now been working in childcare for over 10 years and I can honestly say its changed my life and helped me become a loving, patient, grateful and honest soul.

I’ve worked in care homes with teenagers that suffer from mental health as well as ex or repeat offenders. Youth clubs doing mentoring and DJ work shops, managing a nursery as well as being a room leader, a family co-coordinator running mother and baby groups to now owning a small babysitting and nanny service that supplies male and female child carers . Its only at the age of 29 that I was made aware by my GP that I had depression and anxiety due to childhood trauma and self-inflicted things whilst growing up lifestyle, relationships not knowing ones self etc.

Now I’m at a stage of finding coping mechanisms and realising this journey is for me and me alone. But its this new journey that has opened doors for me and I can now say I’m a public speaker on domestic violence and men’s mental health.  And I’m owning it yes Me Joss Aquesi Cambridge – Simmons.

It’s so humbling and admiring to see growth. I also love that he encourages self-love to women as well sharing his day-to-day activities with the children he cares for. I am so glad that I have finally featured Joss on Inspire Mysmile as it been a long time coming.

Listen to Joss on Cut The Chat Podcast: : https://soundcloud.com/cutthechat/ep-67-man-like-joss

For more info about Jossy Care

WEBSITE: jossycare.co.uk

PODCAST: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/tag-me-in-podcast/id1229670541?mt=2&i=1000408408275

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JossyCare

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/JossyCare2/


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DjJossSimmons

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/djjosssimmons/

Thank you Joss for sharing your journey, being humble and allowing me to feature your story on here.

Words by Joss Simmons

Edited by Vanessa Ryan




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Its been a little longer than planned since I last posted but I am here now and for the next few weeks into June ahead of Fathers Day I will be featuring a variety of men from different industries in different roles as part of “ManDem” feature. This is just to put the spotlight on guys who are working on projects and also for me personally to reach out to different people who interest me and hopefully to inspire my readers to don’t give up on their dreams, goals and just enjoy life.

I recently did an interview with London-based music producer/DJ Dayo and we spoke about everything from recent performances, his sounds, inspiration and more.  He has worked with “Lady Leshurr, cult act Prophets From Beyond and also DJ’s for G-Shock.” Dayo currently has a new single called ‘Freely’ featuring singer-songwriter Elo Melo. He says.

‘Soul’ is the key ingredient that is sprinkled throughout his EDM and Hiphop/R&B productions.

Hi Dayo how are you doing?  Please could you tell us about yourself to the Inspire readers?

Hi, I’m Dayo.

I was born and raised in London and I’ve been involved in music for a few years now. I’d describe myself as a creative whose main outlet is making dope music.

Recently you performed your new single ‘Freely’ with Elo-Melo at an event how was that and was that the first time you have performed the single?

Yes, it was at an event called The Reveal Lounge.  It was a cool, intimate vibe and a good chance to see the reception to ‘#Freely’ up close and live.  It was actually the first time I’d ever seen Elo-Melo perform myself and she was excellent.  She had the audience up on their feet from start to finish!

Tell us more about Elo-Melo..

Elo-Melo  is a singer-songwriter based in London and Paris.  She has a very soulful tone to her voice which probably stems from her gospel background.  I think she’s one of those people who are really naturally gifted at their craft.  When we recorded ‘#Freely’, she was suffering from a cold and sore throat and still pulled off the performance you hear on the track.  She half wrote and half freestyle the lyrics to the song.  I’m personally excited to hear more from her as she writes songs to inspire others.  We all need a bit of inspiration at times.

Love that

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/misselomelo/


I was listening to your previous productions from 2011 where most of your music is Hip-Hop with hints of Afro pop and EDM and so it seems you like to mix and play with a bit of everything but what Genre or sounds do you prefer?

I predominantly make House music and Hiphop but touch other genres occasionally.  What genre I decide to create is normally based on my mood at the time or what I’ve been listening to the most.  In my music, you’ll often hear various elements such as; Jazz, Funk, Hi-Life and Juju music (the latter is a Yoruba genre pioneered by King Sunny Ade).  I like the 80’s synth, electronic sound too.

Listening to ‘Freely’ I feel like soulful house/ house sounds is your niche, So are you collaborating/working on new singles?

Yeah, I love me some Soulful, Afro House!  It offers a balancing act between doing things from a deeper place, the soul, but then, you can just have a dance.  It’s great music to dance to, which is generally what I want music to make me do when I’m listening to it.

My next single will be somewhat different to the vibe of ‘#Freely’ though.  A bouncy and jazzy Deep House flex with an African influence rhythm-wise.  It will be out in June but I haven’t decided on a title for it yet.  I’ve also collaborated with a singer by the name of Evangeline for a future single that I’m putting the finishing touches to.  It’s called ‘The One’ and is a weird futuristic, left-field, Kate Bush type song!

oooh I will sure will be looking forward to your next singles and I love that you are collaborating with singers as I’m sure there is a need for more vocal tracks and singers in the House scene collectively and it’s always good when producers work with singers and then say 12-18 months later they have their own projects, E.P and opens the doors to more opportunities.

Remember where you heard Elo-Melo and Evangeline first people!! (Laughing)

Any future plans of working with Lady Leshurr again?

Until you asked me this question, I hadn’t really thought about it.  It was great to work with her before and cool to know that the track I made brought out the singer in her.  ‘Do You Miss Me?’ was the first time she sang a hook, R&B style.  I went on to organise the launch of her following ‘Mona Leshurr EP’ which was a crazy fun experience.   Her schedule is mad busy these days so let’s see what the future holds.

Wow you learn something new everyday. The Mona Leshurr EP is big still

Shout out to Lady Leshurr as well definitely the most creative, think out of the box artist and all round grafter and has also put our home city on the map from early.

Who would you love to work with now?

In the EDM arena – I’d love to work with Black Coffee, Laidback Luke (mentored Avicii) and Calvin Harris because he’ll basically guarantee you a number 1 hit.

Otherwise, I’d love to work with The Neptunes – Chad and Pharrell in the same studio!  Missy Elliott would be a dream.  On a more local level, I’d have to say Nao.  Her voice is so nice.  We’d make magic.

Dream high well I say go for it, speaking about Nao she would sound nice on a soulful house track. I would love to know what she is working on at moment.  But you should reach out to her.

(Wild Card question) What inspires your smile?

Good music, good food and good weather.  I’m a simple guy.

What should we look out for from Dayo?

The video for ‘#Freely’ is out in June and it looks great. It features a young, amazing dancer Lauryn Bryan(IG: @Laurynbryan.dance).

You can follow me on the usual socials @dayomuzic, to keep up to date with release dates, DJ gigs and all things in between.

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg#Freely – Link to All Stores

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg/itunes – iTunes

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg/spotify – Spotify

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg/applemusic – Apple Music

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg/tidal – Tidal

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg/deezer – Deezer

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg/amazonmusicbuy – Amazon

http://smarturl.it/e84ytg/googleplay – Google Play

Check out Dayo’s Deep Soulful House Mix


Thank you to Dayo for sharing and introducing us to his music it was a plesure.

Look out for the next instalment of ‘ManDem’ which I have been saving for sooo long just waiting for the right time to the next guys story. This one will be special.  I am currently working on a playlist that is solely by male artists so if you would like to featured on the next playlist please email inspiremysmile@icloud.com.

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Hi Readers,

We are well into the swing of October. This month is packed with so many events and new music releases coming out.

Let me just give you guys the update on Mabels concert. It was such a good look for her, I was surprised to see how much people actually like Mabel and knew every song word for word.  I was also so pleased to see Mahalia perform live, as you know I have been championing her music.

See the instagram page @inspiremysmile for footage.

Here are the lowdown of events coming up..






Spanning from segregated 1846 America right up to the death of Sarah Reid in the UK in 2016, Freeman features a mix of high-energy physical theatre, acappella singing, humour and powerful drama to create an extraordinarily moving and affecting experience.

Tickets from £10 (Fees may apply)

Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EP
Box office 0121 236 4455





Tickets £25+


Support acts Donae’o, Andrew Roachford, Gabrielle Aplin

Website: http://raskit.co.uk/

SEE Ticket outlets for tickets


From TV presenter and co-founder of the Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Network, June Sarpong MBE, comes an intelligent and empowering polemic which argues the case for how limited we are by social division while inspiring us to make a change.

An evening with June Sarpong



FREE but you must book in advance

Waterstones Birmingham, 
24-26 High Street
Birmingham B4 7SL
Box office 0121 633 4353


To reserve a seat please call Waterstones Birmingham 0121 633 4353




More events and music will be up next week.


Keep updated with the Inspire Mysmile

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Hi Readers.

As we are coming to the end of summer.  Winter is coming upon us, this is also the season where see a lot of events such as concerts, awards & charity ceremonies and various other events. Also BLM (Black History Month) where we use the month of October to educate and celebrate Black history in the UK by expressing our creativity. Over the next coming weeks and months I will be posting various events that are taking place here in Birmingham and also in other cities in the UK.

This post is solely for events and performances that are coming up in Birmingham (UK).


Introducing Birmingham’s First Music Industry Mixer Event …
Inviting all Creatives to Promote, Network and Connect!

This is your opportunity to :

-Share, Connect and Promote your Services within the Music Industry

-Watch Live Performances


-Network and Interact with Like Minded People

-Showcase your Skills, Talents and Services on stage

-Listen to Inspirational Speakers

-Enjoy a Fantastic After Party with DJ Darny Ranx

-Win Studio Time, Radio Air Time + Many More Raffle Prizes

If you would like to showcase your skills/services on the night, please Contact Us – jclivelounge@gmail.com, this is on a first come first serve basis.

For tickets and more information about this event please click https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/birminghams-first-music-industry-mixer-event-tickets-36443447332







WEDS 4th October Mabel will be performing in Birmingham @ 02 Institute2. Performing her the tracks from the ‘Bedroom EP’, including the new single “Finders Keepers”. Mabel is currently doing a mini UK Tour, supporting artist Mahalia.  Read my April post about Mabel NEW FAVOURITES

Purchase your tickets

Bedroom is out now on digital outlets https://mabel.lnk.to/BedroomWE


cadets tour

Cadet is finally doing a mini UK tour and will be in Birmingham Thursday 7th December  with special guests. Cadet is an artist that I have been excited about for ever since his letter to Krept COUSIN LOVE and his growth in the last 12+ months has been so inspiring. The freestyle, performances around the UK and recently the release of “The commitment 2” album are proof of how much hard work truly pays off.  Inspire is hoping to get an interview with Cadet ahead of his performance.  Check out his latest freestyle #forthep***ychallenge. For the bants and jokes its worth a watch and probably the best one so far that’s come from this challenge.

purchase your tickets

Commitment 2 is out now http://smarturl.it/TheCommitment2.


I will be posting more events next week so keep a look out for them.


NEW FAVOURITES will be up next week too.

Thank you for reading.



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Hello readers.

Over the past few months I have been apart of a meet up/project with the BBC where we have shared brilliant local and international news and looking at how to get positive news on to the BBC networks. I have met some amazing young women who are all passionate about media and  sharing great stories and one of them is a lady called Jeba Ali who recently did the “Big Chop”. Jeba donated all 17 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Charity which makes wigs for children experiencing hair loss.

“My hair is very personal to me and it’s part of my identity,”

Read more about Jeba’s hair story here courtesy of the BBC England


“History is being made”: the mum fronting an #afrovisibility campaign to encourage black females to embrace their natural hair. Via BBC London


After deciding they were not being represented in the magazines they read, a group of young Canadians decided to create their own.

Black Girl’s Magazine contains a collection of articles and cartoons written by the students, aged 9 to 13.



Watch as five girls who always straighten their natural hair get back to their curly roots with celeb hairstylist Vernon François


Inspire is very keen on sharing more creativity and positivity so please get in touch.

Stories courtesy of BBC England. Thank you Jeba and to the BBC for sharing these stories.


If you or know someone who would like to be featured in Womens Month please email inspiremysmile@icloud.com


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/inspiremysmile/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/funkynessa

By Vanessa Ryan


Hi Readers

Today I am shining the spotlight on SBE Designs  who has your cd covers, flyers, cartoon artwork, banners, logos etc all covered. SBE Designs prides on being professional, fast and all reliable.
The set rates are affordable, at only £15 (per) design. 

He also designed my personal logo and for years he has supported me and my vision for Inspire Mysmile and I would personally like to say THANK YOU for your consistent support.





Words By Vanessa Ryan


Mim Shaikhartworks-000201828807-hwbwu1-t500x500

About a week ago I caught one of the most realist spoken word pieces on twitter by a creative called Mim Shaikh.  Some of you maybe familiar with Mim as he is also a radio broadcaster for BBC 1xtra Sat-Sun 6-10am and BBC Asian Network Thursday 9pm-12am. Mim Shaikh wrote an open letter to his mom who battles with depression from being in an abusive relationship.

I wrote this sincere and honest open ‘Letter To My Mother’ where I express my most honest thoughts and feelings towards our lacking relationship whilst growing up. This is dedicated to anyone who has or is still growing up in similar broken family situations and to every human being on this earth who seeks perfection in themselves by looking inwards – Mim Shaikh


“Letter to Mom” really resonates with me personally and you all know how fond I am of open letters as previously I featured my personal open letter  COUSIN LOVE  which was inspired by Cadet’s letter to his cousin Krept (rap duo Krept and Konan). Funny enough Cadet retweeted Mim Shaikh’s “Letter to mom” and I checked it out and it just instantly touched me because the story was so similar to my own. I  have family members who battle with psychological issues. Watching someone who I love and gave me life that lives with depression, anxiety or schizophrenia for most of their adult life is hard, as we almost become strangers because they don’t really acknowledge YOU sometimes because they are locked in their own world. I realised that these particular family members actually dont know the simplest things about me such as my favourite meal or colour.

Listening to Mim’s story, the part where he says ‘I don’t know your favourite colour and you dont know mine.’ I remember one day I asked my mom to tell me something that I like, and  she never really knew what my favourite colour was. I remember thinking about my other friends when their family used to mention somethings about them and nearly everyone knew their favourite colour. After listening to this spoken piece I really felt OK knowing that there are people who have similar stories like mine. It’s become the norm to share your stories not as a sob story but in a way that really touches home for a lot of people.

Thank You Mim Shaikh


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MimShaikh_

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mim_shaikh/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mimshaikhoff…
Contact: mim@mimshaikh.com






It’s been a minute since I have heard Cherri V sweet vocals after such her fantastic EP “Athazgoraphobia”so I was very intrigued to hear Cherri’s new project “The Hard Drive Vol.1” which is a collection of 5 unreleased songs. What I like about Cherri V is that it doesn’t matter how long she hasn’t released new material for, I like that she maintains peoples interest and she brings that extra sparkle to music.  Cherri’s vocals is soft and so interesting that even if I may not like all of the songs, I know that I have to listen to every single song. Another thing that I like is that I can tell that by the way Cherri sings I know she has written her songs or just naturally puts her passion into every track.

My personal favourite is #1 as it’s a real womans track and lyrics reflect that  ‘I AM’ no 1.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/cherrivoncelle

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cherrivoncelle/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CherriVon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cherriv


Let know your thoughts on this weeks blog posts. Next blog will feature New Favourites so send me some of you suggestions.

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Words by Vanessa Ryan