Following on from the last post MENS MIXED MESSAGES its only right to write about what mixed messages women may send out to men that causes them to be confused sometimes.

1. “Chill”

How many times has the word “Chill” confused both male and female? It’s because we have different imaginations for what will happen. The man’s version maybe to watch a movie, munchies, drinks and then eventually to bedroom or on the sofa, whereas a womans version of chilling is to enjoy his company by getting closer to him to feel comfortable whilst watching “Netflix.” It also means conversations and laughing, maybe play games and if she is comfortable she will allow a few kisses, touch and rub up (you get the picture).

So guys the next time a girl says “We can chill” don’t think she will want to have sex with you just keep an open mind and make her feel comfortable.

2. Break ups /healing time

Ok some women may jump into something new straight away after a break up and the majority of women wait until they feel ready and everything in their life has balanced out.

When a guy  wants a  woman so bad he is persistent and he will gain her attention. They have good conversations, banter/jokes etc. They meet up a few times and he will keep on telling her how much he likes her and how he wants to get to know her a bit more and then she hits him with “I’m not looking for another relationship” or “I’m not ready to let you in”.PAUSE. This is where guys think that women give off mixed messages.

  1. Just because a woman is talking to a guy this does not mean anything at all, there is no label or title to what you are doing.
  2. If the woman has told you that she’s not ready to go further but she’s happy to still speak, date or whatever it is, then just go with her vibes and still have options. Remember neither one owe each other anything.
  3. Never pressure the woman especially if she is healing but believe women will mentally note a man’s persistency and efforts.
  4. If after weeks/months of casual meet ups or just talking and the woman doesn’t feel the connection what the man may have towards her, please guys do not be awkward and say things like “Why waste my time?” Be respectful, stay as friends or just mutually delete each others number and continue with life.

3.Not in the mood for sex is not a personal rejection.

Another thing men receive mixed messages to is when women are not in the mood for that intimate time (sex). To men if a woman doesn’t want to make love then this is rejection and it is assumed that she is entertaining other men. The difference between men and women is that if the man doesn’t want to have sex, women can accept that and will try to caress the man in other ways. However men tend to be confused and  argue.

I can assure you guys that if a woman does not want to have sex it’s because she is genuinely not in the mood for it. Sometimes situations can influence the mood such as stress, tiredness and many other things. This is not a personal rejection.When it comes to sex women can easily turn on and turn off their feelings towards sex with no explanation for it.  Dont take it personal.

I think we all need to do more at expressing our feelings and be more clear from the get go. I do think women mixed signals are more complex but it’s up to the guys to ask the questions before making a move.

Please feel free to add more to this topic if you feel so.




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