When men and women feel a connection with each other they also give out mixed messages and read them in the wrong way. However men seem to do this thing where they will consistently tell the woman how much they like her but don’t actually act on their words. This comes across as mixed messages to us women. Here is why..

  1. The woman might really like the man and he will pick up on that because usually women tend to make more effort in wanting to get know the guy.  Take note on the words she may use, the hints and suggestions. These are clues to let the man know that she is not playing around. However for every time men make excuses like I’m working”, “I’m not around/available”, I’ll get back to you”I’m in the gym” to every suggestions please believe she will be confused and annoyed. Women analyse nearly everything and if men are not showing their true feelings but constantly express how much they like women, then this is clearly mixed signals.

2. If you are linking (not 100% in a relationship) and the woman wants more than just the sexual interaction but the man only wants to link and have sex, THIS in itself is mixed messages. Imagine how she feels, loves the sex and wants a relationship but is limited to just sex!? How does that work. In the linking world a lot of women do tend to want a relationship with their link because there is more than just sexual chemistry. A relationship could work if men would stop using the term “link” as an excuse to do half measures. In other words does things that’s required in a relationship but doesn’t want to commit if that makes sense. Unfortunately when they meet the woman they really want to commit to he will give her everything that the “link” really wanted him.  Guys it’s IMPORTANT to know the link will have respect for you but more importantly you are her friend and really the man that she wants to go to when she’s low, the one she wants to go for drinks with, cinemas etc. My advice to men in this situation is actually take the time to think and analyse how your link expresses herself towards you as there could actually be clues that will prevent the mixed messages you give out or receive.

3. Mixed messages through social media and phone texting  is a big problem as we tend to misinterpret the message behind the messages. A lot of us in today’s world  use memes and quotes to say how we feel or what we think about another person which may come across as ‘indirect messages’ to someone in specific and this is the start of mixed messages. Imagine you are seeing someone and they write a status on Facebook, use certain quotes on their whats app and you think to yourself  “Are they directing this to me?” Baring in mind that they could be finessing off someone else you have no idea about, however you think the status is about you because as far you are concerned there is no problem. So you feel some way and start to respond to their “indirect messages”.  Can you see the problem here? Instead of COMMUNICATING to each we would rather assume and conclude something that will lead to arguments and fall outs.

To prevent mixed messages and miscommunication we have to start doing the opposite and talk to each other directly. Women need to stop analysing everything men say and men need to be more direct and honest with women that way we can move forward and focus on the bigger picture.

Look out for Womens Mixed Messages

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