We know what we expect from each other and now we have discovered that we like each other a lot more. This is where most guys fail to understand that just because you have told the woman that you like her, it doesn’t mean that efforts stops.

In the first instance when a guy tells a woman that he likes her they don’t really pursue the woman properly because the woman is now thinking “What are you doing to let me know that you truly want to get know me?” As the man here is what you should do to keep her interested in you.

  1. Talk is cheap, telling each other that you like each other IS NOT ENOUGH!! Make suggestions to meet up maybe to talk or do something interesting.

2. If you suggest to the lady “Come to my place and chill” then make that chilling time so comfortable that she leaves thinking that you are a gentleman. Guys please understand that when a woman wants to chill with you and especially whilst you are in the dating stages, she does not want to jump into bed or immediately have sex with you. THIS IS WHERE MOST OF YOU ARE FAILING. Chilling time is talking, laughing and just enjoying each others company without intercourse. Listen to what she saying about herself, her life what she likes and dislikes and just respect her wishes.

3. Making effort to meet up has to come from both. Guys stop telling the girl that you like her but yet still she is the one that makes the effort to communicate with you more than you do with her. There has to be a balance with this, take it in turns to communicate with each other.  When a woman tells a guy that she likes him and pursues  the guy, it is now up to him to show how he appreciates her efforts. This applies to both men and women.  Show love and appreciation to each other.

4. Lastly remember you don’t have to talk or see each other every day or every week. Remember you are just dating with the hope that it leads to relationships/partnerships. Give each other space and don’t be too distracted with each other to the point where you forget about your own life. You may not be sure about each yet so it is ok to have options and not give each other the full 100.







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