Welcome to the TEA blog.

I wanted to make my first post about the dating stages and how first impressions are important.

There are little things that women look out for in men and I like to call them dating etiquettes.

  1. If you have both agreed on a time to meet up and the guy is running late it is courtesy to let the girl know so at least it puts her mind at ease. Do not arrive late and then tell her ‘I’m on the way’ as she will already be pissed off for at least 30 minutes and the date night will not go as planned. By the way this does apply to women as well but for some reason some guys seem to have a problem with communication.

2. EFFORT is a big thing when you both dedicate the time to get to know each other. Effort is a big thing for women from the minute the man comes in to her presence. Women tend to check out the clothes, particularly the shoes and the cologne. Believe it or not but how a man smells is very important, its kind of like a turn on or turn off thing for women.

Make the effort to compliment each other and smile. I know a lot of the time making eye contact is awkward especially if you really like the person but this is what makes dating interesting.  The communication is a big thing as well so if you struggle to find things to talk about especially on the first the date, I suggest you talk about the first time you met and find out what the attraction was and just keep the conversation simple and have light banter.

Now I wont go into too much about who pays for what as I think team work makes perfect sense and I do think you should go halves but if the guy insist on paying then that’s even better but the woman should insist on paying for the date the next time.

3. Once you have spent good time together always thank each other for enjoying each others companies.  However the most biggest thing that women love is when the guy says ‘Let me know when have got home safely’. OMG I can not let know how important those words are in every aspect of relationships, for women this makes them feel safe and that guys truly cares for her safety. To fair that initiative should be a natural thing for everyone really.

4. When you are getting to know someone there’s always that issue on how many times you should communicate with each other. If a woman is constantly on the guys line then he may think she’s clingy and just too much, however the guy doesn’t make that much effort then he either is not interested, speaking to other women or just simply busy.  To be honest there is no rule for how much you contact each other and try to find a balance. If you don’t meet up every week then at least drop a text or call each other and if you do meet up every week etc then you don’t really need to communicate that much but just send each other ‘Morning, have a nice day’ texts. Just keep it simple. Women love when guys make that small effort to just check in.


Remember there is no real rule but just be more aware that first impression count if you want to take dating to the next stage.







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