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Hope you have all listened and downloaded the tunes from the last NEW FAVOURITES- NEW MUSIC FROM BEENICE, CODE NINETY + MORE.


On this weeks New Favourites I have some FIRE, BADASS and summer jams that you should also have on your playlist.


MABEL FEAT. KOJO FUNDS ‘Finders Keepers’

This is one of top favourites at the moment. My readers should know by now that I really like Mabel’s music, she’s just so different and really hope she keeps up the consistency. I realised the other day when I was listening to the beat that it’s the same beat from Lumidee feat fabolous ‘Never leave you (uh oh).’  I love that Mabel and Kojo Funds have done like a 2017 remake and it would be so cool if they made the video similar too.







J HUS ‘Did You See’

Those who follow me on snap chat will know how much I like this tune. I have already claimed Did You See to be THE SUMMER ANTHEM 2017!!. I think most of the sounds at the  carnivals and festivals will be playing J Hus amongst the other big tunes to bless our ears. J Hus has just completed his album ‘Common Sense’ which is expected to be  released on Black Butter Records May 12th Did You See has reached  over 8 million+ views since it was released 2 months ago, in the top 40 official chart.


Pre-order J Hus debut album ‘Common’ Sense from iTunes:
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Photo published for Common Sense by J Hus on Apple Music





Kendrick stays true to himself I love the old skool vibe on this, it reminds me of Dr Dre’s productions. The words ‘Be humble. Sit down’ are powerful and its a lyric that I’ve seen many quote it as a whats app or Facebook status. I must admit I have not listened to Damn yet how ever from what i’ve heard it sounds impressive especially the collaborations  with Rihanna and Mary J Blige.

DAMN. Available now






They’re the best-selling American girl group of all time, back with their first album in fifteen years. TLC’s new single, Way Back, is now available everywhere!

It’s been a long time coming is what they say and to be fair the beat does have the classical snoop vibe from back in the 90’s.  However some how this works, well I like the production, the bridge where Chilli harmonises and the chorus is catchy.  Way Back is definitely a track to add to the playlist.  On the other hand I also heard that TLC have a tour in the pipeline which is a long time coming to be fair. I just hope that it will be a proper tour and not just a couple of performances in London.







Words By Vanessa Ryan




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