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Apologies for the delay for New Favourites. There was a few teething problems however I am excited to be sharing with you what I have been blasting lately.

I am so happy to write this post, as some of you may know that  I love my music. It’s always a pleasure when artists send me new music, it makes me feel like I have a special delivery. I present to you the new playlist. New favourites is a feature that showcases new music.


It’s been awhile since the boys released new music and actually since Inspire last caught up with them. I remember it was this time last year when I last their last release of Parties N heartbreaks’NEW MUSIC FROM CODE NINETY -LADIES SPECIAL . Code Ninety are back with their new single ‘Love Again’ keeping the r&b/pop vibe and they sound a lot mature and better. Make sure you check out their music and the track ‘Closer’ which is another favourite.








Again its been a while since Inspire last featured this guy.  BEENIICE ‘YOU ME LOVE’ BEENIICE has been putting in the work for a long time now but in the past 12 months I have noticed the graft with his music and BEENIICE as a brand.  I must say I was personally proud to see Jamaican/ UK Comedian White Yardie featuring BE for his promotion for the ‘Straight Outta Of Jamaica’ tour.

This is great to see as Beeniice has always been humble, positive and a hard worker.

I really like his spin on PartyNextDoor track ‘Run Up’ which features Nicki Minaj and Major Laser on the production.

BEE let me into his thought process for the this remix, here’s what he had to say

The song writing process. I heard the song, searched for the instrumental and thought let me add my flavour to this.

I heard the beat, the melody, flow, tempo, words and theme all came together. I wrote this song in about 30 mins. I recorded and mixed the track in my studio.
I always have a creative approach when writing songs. I use words to paint a picture and for those who listen keenly will realise that beneath the vibrant lyrics and delivery there is always a message in the song.
This track in particular is all about expressing emotions and feelings towards a special someone in your life as well as uplifting women letting them know that they are appreciated.


This track is not new as it was published last year December, however I had never heard it before until recently and I thought it sounded so dope. Get You is a real smooth, soul/ r&b sound.  I  don’t know about anyone else but for me I feel like there are certain songs and certain types of music that sound so so good on Sundays and this is that track that just sounds tremendous on Sundays and in general.
 About Daniel,

Check out this little piece for more info about Daniel Ceasar
DALEY ‘Until the pain is gone’  feat. JILL SCOTT
I absolutely love this song. I know Daley has always been winning with the high pitches but his vocals on this song is on another level.  I feel this is a great collaboration and both Daley and Jill really bounce off each other harmonies and tones. Daley’s new anticipated album ‘The Spectrum’ is set to be release in the summer 2017.
Until The Pain Is Gone is now available to download
I am really loving Kara’s cover which originally belongs to the soulful singer Sade. I like that Kara has her own style and doesn’t sound like Sade. The 19 year old 19 has been busy in the studio working with the likes of The Invisible Men (Zayn, Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea), Sebastian Kole (Alessia Cara, Jennifer Lopez), Shea Taylor (Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Rihanna) to name a few and seems to be  crafting a sound that will undoubtedly give her many new fans in 2017.


Watch her acoustic performance of Lauryn Hill and D’angelo ‘Nothing Matters’

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You know when you hear a song and the lyrics are really relatable? Well when I heard ‘Send me you your location and lets focus on communicating and lets feel the vibrations’, I really felt vibes. The beat is nice and laid back which compliments Khalid’s vocals.  Location was released last year however the remix that features Lil Wayne and Khelani has been floating on the airwaves recently. I must say im not too keen on this remix with Lil Wayne’s short feature but this track is still heavy.









“Location” The Remix ft. Lil Wayne and Kehlani now available on Apple Music:…

Get Khalid’s debut album ‘American Teen’ featuring “Let’s Go”, “Saved”, and the hit single “Location”
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That is all for now and remember your feedback is always welcomed.  Look out for the next New Favourites playlist.

Words By Vanessa Ryan



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