Hello readers.

Over the past few months I have been apart of a meet up/project with the BBC where we have shared brilliant local and international news and looking at how to get positive news on to the BBC networks. I have met some amazing young women who are all passionate about media and  sharing great stories and one of them is a lady called Jeba Ali who recently did the “Big Chop”. Jeba donated all 17 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Charity which makes wigs for children experiencing hair loss.

“My hair is very personal to me and it’s part of my identity,”

Read more about Jeba’s hair story here courtesy of the BBC England


“History is being made”: the mum fronting an #afrovisibility campaign to encourage black females to embrace their natural hair. Via BBC London


After deciding they were not being represented in the magazines they read, a group of young Canadians decided to create their own.

Black Girl’s Magazine contains a collection of articles and cartoons written by the students, aged 9 to 13.



Watch as five girls who always straighten their natural hair get back to their curly roots with celeb hairstylist Vernon François


Inspire is very keen on sharing more creativity and positivity so please get in touch.

Stories courtesy of BBC England. Thank you Jeba and to the BBC for sharing these stories.


If you or know someone who would like to be featured in Womens Month please email inspiremysmile@icloud.com


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By Vanessa Ryan


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