International Womens Day is just phenomenal. To see love spreading around the world and women recognising women is just awesome. Lets not do it for 1 day and continue to uplift our fellow sisters especially when we live in a society where depression has increased and the media is constantly reporting negative news. In 2017 we need positivity to take over and we need people to smile more.

What has inspired your smile today?

To answer my own question, the sun makes me smile as it gives me more hope and more life.

Highlights from International womens day.




This one is my favourite. YES!




Courtesy Of Nike

This is great and when I heard this news I thought ‘Why didnt Nike think of this idea before? It’s not as if Muslim women don’t enjoy sports or attend gyms/fitness centres. Nike have really set a trend here and I hope other sporting brands follow suit.  Highlighting different cultures and creating trends should be something for every business to think about. It’s not just about saying ” diversity” because it sounds good but actually put your words into action and give more hope for women full stop. It needs to be normal to see women and women of colour on beauty adverts, on sports brands on TV and everything else we see and hear daily.



Nike’s new hijab is designed to make sports more comfortable for Muslim women and goes on sale in 2018.




The company has been working on the product for more than a year, meeting with top-flight athletes like United Arab Emirates’ Amna Al Haddad, Nike+ Run Club Coach Manal Rostom, and Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari to determine how to make a functional head covering that meets the cultural requirements of some female Muslim athletes.

“I was thrilled and a bit emotional to see Nike prototyping a Hijab.” – ZHARA LARI


Courtesy Of Nike





Courtesy of Nike:      Model Gracie

I am here for this, finally a sporting brand that actually does care about us curvaceous women. I’m glad because although I may not have a problem buying sports wear but there are a lack in sizes especially 16 + or the sizes do not fit properly. I do struggle with sports bras big time. I really hope Nike have improved their sports bras in this collection because some of us curvaceous women are quite tittyful (LOL I made that up) and the current bras that are available don’t actually support our breasts during fitness activities, nor are they made to the size its says on the label. It would also be really great if track suits bottoms were made to compliment our body shapes. So my message to Nike is “Come on through with your new ideas”.




The new plus size collection is now available on Nike.com and in selected stores.




Also big up Gracie Francesca representing as always for curvaceous women.




Words By Vanessa Ryan


Images and some content taken from




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