March is one of my favourite months as it can be a transitional month for a lot of people. March is also the month that’s dedicated to women as International Womens day is literally around the corner (March 8th) and we also celebrate Mothers Day (March 26th). I also like the fact that the sun is shining as I type this article which lets me know that summer is soon upon us.

I have put together an all ladies  playlist for this Months New Favourites. The playlist will be made up from some of female artists that just bless my ears and makes me feel motivated to keep focus on my mission. Every week I will be updating the playlist throughout March with tunes solely for the ladies.

Please note that some of the songs are excplicit.


Ray Blk ‘Patience’

I love Ray songs and I think the lyrics in this freestyle are so necessary especially when we are living in a fast pace world. Patience is the key and just do what you have to do at your pace.


Mabel ‘Thinking Of You’

There is always someone who is thinking of you, even when you don’t think they are.

Cherri V #1

One of my favs from Cherri V

Every woman wants to feel like they are n01, however we shouldnt be fighting to get to the top spot.




Kehlani ‘Piece Of Mind’

Kehlani makes music that every woman can relate to. Piece Of Mind is my transitional track the lyrics are everything and I can personally relate to nearly every word.


Kehlani ‘Too Much’

Ladies we know that we are too much of a women for some but never stop being your natural self. What maybe too much for some maybe perfect for some. This track gives me a boost and reminds me not change for no one but myself.


Bibi Bourelly- ‘Ballin’

Bibi just says it straight ‘I’m so m’fuckin awesome’.  Have some of the awesomness.


Ella Mai ‘She Don’t’


Emmavie ‘BOOM’



Nao ‘In the morning’

I really like Nao as she is a very diverse artist and she doesnt stick to one style of music. Most of  the track are very bold. I like mura masa I think he is a great producer they have worked together before and this is just a feel good tune.


I am looking forward to posting some real interesting content for us women, so please stay with me and as always your feedback are really appreciated.
Inspire Mysmile 💜

Words By Vanessa Ryan 





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