• It’s a pleasure to have the special guests from the new show STAR which broadcasts on FOX Tv every Wednesday 9pm EST
  • Lee Daniels the phenomenal director who has given us Precious, The Butler and Empire and now Star joined me in  this interview along side R&B singer/songwriter and actor Tyrese and Amiyah Scott who some of you may know of her transgender story.

What is Star about?

Star is a drama series created by Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy. It revolves around three young women who form a group and battle to make a splash in the music industry. The series is set in Atlanta, consisting of original music as well as musical fantasies. Star premiered in December with 13 episodes to be screened into 2017. The drama series stars Queen Latifah, Tyrese, Amiyah Scott, Benjamin Bratt and Quincy Brown with guest appearances from Naomi Campbell, Missy Elliott and more.

The most controversial episode will be screened on Wednesday 15th February where Amyiah Scotts character ‘Cotton‘ who is the trans gender daughter to ‘Carlotta‘ played by Queen Latifah.  In this scene we see  Tyrese who plays ‘Pastor Harris’ and is also dating Carlotta meets Cotton for the 1st first time where they try to seek healing and prays for Cotton to identify herself as man and not woman.

STAR trailer.

Lee, Tyrese and Amiyah all say that this is a controversial topic but they want America “Black America” to watch the series and be more  about the issues that are currently taking place in the community. Hopefully after watching Star people will be more comfortable within themselves.

How did you approach your character?

Tyrese- It was a struggle. I was raised as a Christian, going into this character I had to consult with Lee to make sure I that I get right as I didn’t want to offend certain communities.

How did filming this episode change you?

Amiyah- I wouldn’t say it changed me as it just felt natural, having gone through a similar experience.

Lee- For me it struck home and I felt naked, exposed. It was just like when we shot the scene in Empire where Jamal was thrown in trash can I felt naked and too much to see. I was thinking is America ready see this.

Tyrese having suffered from Domestic abuse how has Star changed your prospective on some of the topics?

Tyrese- I have a heart for the LGBT community. I had never hung out with any transgender until I met Amyiah and she is cool. Lee Amiyah and myself are Capricorns we are cool people. I have heart.

How do you think the show will affect the LBGT Community?

Lee- Hopefully it will change how parents treat their children when they do announce their sexuality. In the black community nobody likes to talk about these issues. I hope it will encourage parents and children to be more open to discussions.

With Empire I had to show the real side of the industry and how the music industry makes their money, whereas Star shows the black culture and more realness about  issues that are important in the African American struggle.

Where do you go or how do you get inspiration to write about these issues?

Lee- Nothing I have done has made me uncomfortable. I listen to stories from different people, family so that when I do write about something it’s coming from the heart and from a good place.

How did the trans gender topic come about?

Lee- I realised that as a gay man I never really knew the specifics in the LGBT community.

Tyrese- Lee is not uncomfortable with uncomfortable topics.

As a director what are you doing to get Star aired outside of America and actually to try get the topics discussed openly within the black community worldwide?

Lee- Star is being aired outside of America it’s definitely being aired in Africa, I’m not sure on what networks, channels but it is shown in other countries.

I don’t think sexuality is a issue anymore. I think the millennial’s have grown and embraced sexuality more.

What emotions are you hoping to stir up amongst the audiences that will be watching Star?

Amiyah- I just want people to feel comfortable and for the truth to be told.

Lee- People will respond or not, it’s life as we know it.

Tyrese- what Lee just said is what you call “unapologetic.”

Thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview.
Tune in to watch and tweet with us and the rest of the cast during the EXPLOSIVE episode of #STAR this coming Wednesday, February 15 at 9pm EST

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Written and Edited by Vanessa Ryan


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