What do you get when you mix snares, kicks and bass? (For those that don’t know a snare is the small double-headed drum that makes like a rattling sound. The kick sound is literally a kick in the beats, it usually breaks everything down).

In this case when you put  snare, kicks and bass you will get Roska and Champion productions. If you love funky house music then you should be familiar with those two names as both have worked across UK funky, house and various bass-heavy club music. Roska and Champion have earmarked themselves as one of the UK’s most accomplished underground exponents.

Read more about Roska here

Champion is best known for creating legendary and timeless beats and basslines that can only be described as the ‘Champion’ sound. Read more about Champion here

The legendary DJ’s/Producers have been cooking up some serious sounds that just sound BAD!!  They have recently uploaded 2 tracks entitled ‘Squiggle/Flame Grilled’. My personal favourite is Squiggle but I like how I  can hear their signature kicks, snares and bass in both tunes and I can identify who’s who in both tracks. Its genius how they have both fused their styles together and come up with Squiggle and Flame Grilled.


Record label: http://www.formularecords.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/championdj

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Champion_DJ

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Championdj

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Champion_DJ/

Make sure you download the compilation 2010-2016 www.championdj.co.uk


Website: http://www.roskaroskaroska.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoskaOfficial





Thursday 2nd February Donaeo is bringing in his birthday and wants YOU to come and celebrate with him!

Rolling out the black carpet at the newly refurbished, legendary Notting Hill Arts Club, Donae’O joins forces with Pardon My Blog & MVMNT SHFT to not only celebrate a great year, but in the process raise money for two fantastic causes close to D’s heart.

ALL proceeds will go to the ACLT charity (raising funds for bone marrow & blood donation & Road To Freedom (aiding refugees fleeing from war-stricken countries, with 50% of all money raised going to each charity.

Book tickets here


Eric festival is a new type of career’s fair. Forget boring stalls, free pens and recruiters in suits… think  entertainment and relevant content on how to get your dream career in The Creative Industries (Fashion, Film & Media, Music, Publishing, Architecture, Advertising, Gaming, Arts & Culture, Design, Craft).

Inspire mysmile had the pleasure of attending the previous festival, which was very useful for future developments for this blog. This is a free event so get your tickets asap.  Book tickets

Check out the highlights from last years event https://vimeo.com/193352783

More info about Eric Festival http://ericfestival.com/#upcoming

Comedy in Birmingham

Image may contain: 6 people, text

Words By Vanessa Ryan


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