Alicia Keys has finally released her new awaited album HERE  (Midnight of Nov 4th 2016) and she did not let her supporters down. Containing 18 records in total which also features ASAP Rocky on “Blended Family”

 Alicia Keys’ sixth studio album, HERE, was just made available for purchase on iTunes

THIS album for me contains a lot of the missing gems that I have been waiting for a long time. Alicia describes Here like her first ever album and I totally understand why she feels like its her 1st album.

It’s  home-grown, its full of soul, spoken rap and hip hop.

“This album is so much about life. It’s about New York City. It’s about my city. It’s about us as people. It’s about all the stories that I saw growing up,” she explained. “It’s aggressive. It’s raw. It’s me being my most truthful, my most call-it-as-it-is, my most honest. It is such powerful music, you are going to go crazy.”

We here Alicia reference her home city of New York a lot on this album and I personally love that she has created the visual so we can picture the experiences. We also hear a lot of the influences from Nina Simone whom I will assume Nina is one of Keys favourite singers of all time.

The track that really hits home for me is “She Dont Really Care_1 Luv.” I really like it because this is Alicia taking us on a personal journey and its also for us females that no matter where we are from, where we grow up, WE don’t care because we are still QUEENS. When I heard this song I felt like taking a walk back to where my life started and  just reminisce, it’s that deep. I also love that she references Brixton (London) Why? The streets of New York and Brixton are very similar so it’s very relatable for someone growing up in the cities that are stereo typed.

The track then breaks down into another song “1 Luv” which has elements of The Game’s One Blood song which makes you want to rewind it again and again.

Kill Your Mama

So this song has had mixture responses just on the fact that Ms Keys swears to add extra emotion. I have to admit hearing her swear does sound weird  and actually I don’t think I can recall any profanity on any of her songs. I think its fair to say that she sings it for extra emotion, as she is telling a story  lets not forget that.

Illusion Of Bliss

Earlier into this review I said that Alicia has a lot of missing gems that has been longing to come. This track explains what I meant. Illusion Of Bliss contains the rawness that I feel has been missing in most of her songs. I love the soulful sounds and how she highlights how we can think life is bliss but actually it an Illusion of what seems bliss. The emotions are so powerful when she says ‘Sick and tired of being judged, sick of being high,sick of being low, sick of putting on a show‘, The beauty of how she sings it as if someone is crying out for help and just tired of everything is dope. I would really encourage you to play this particular track 2x to really understand what she is saying.

My other favourites include “Work On It” , “Blended Family” feat. Asap Rocky and “Girls Cant Be Herself”.  This a great album it has something for everybody  which is the most important thing for an artist when you are making such a big album with 16 songs. I am the loving theme from artists like Alicia and Ray Blk who are making music that’s very homegrown and in touch with situations in the world today. Everyone loves 100% homegrown, real and raw music to relate. Congratulations to Ms Keys for keeping it real and making a fantastic 6th album.

As always I would love to know what your favourites, lets discuss.

Words By Vanessa Ryan


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