Ray Blk’s music was brought to my attention by one of my good friends, which at the time “50/50” was circulating on radio stations and blog sites. I checked out 50/50 and believe I rewinded that track so many times I could not get enough. I think everybody knows that I love hardcore bass sounds  so the beat alone just sounds crazy. Ever since then, myself personally and InspireMySmile have been supporting Ray’s music. If you remember back in April Ray Blk headlined her first SOLD OUT show at Hoxton Kitchen, the live band and Ray’s stage presence was electrical the venue was RAMMED!! April & May Highlights- WHATS NEW?


The past 7 months have been quite humbling to watch Ray’s musical journey literally develop so quick and now we are here with DURT (The Mini album) with features from SG Lewis, Stormzy and Wretch 32.  Although for me 50/50 is my personal favorite I think its fair to say that Ray’s 2nd single ”My Hood feat. Stormzy was the pivotal moment for Ray. So many people can relate to My Hood and she just keeps it real from start to finish. My hood tells the story of just that, her hood and where she grew up. This was a smart move for Ray to make as it seems this is the leading track and it’s just everywhere.

On the album I absolutely love Chill Out produced by SG Lewis and I also love Gone featuring Wretch.

Chill out for me is the “take back your power” track. As a woman I know we go through so much stuff with guys and actually we can be in control and YOU (guys) should chill out. When I want I your company I will let you know and when I don’t want you anymore just chill out. I  told you that I was trouble and a savage from the beginning.

This is what we as women go through most times, they don’t something serious, now you guys know how it feels. This track is savage I LOVE IT.


Gone feat Wretch 32

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the story in this track. What I love about Ray and Wretch is that they both fantastic at storytelling, as you listen the lyrics in their songs they are so deep they feel personal. Gone is the song where you have to keep things moving and just get over whatever the situation is. I listened to tone of ‘Fast as a bullet to the leg you were gone’ and kept rewinding it over and over whilst my eyes were closed and it sounds so beautiful. This a beautiful song with brilliant artists and works really well.


Durt is a great listen, 7 strong songs with beautiful stories told. All 7 seven songs are different and a great mixture of up tempo and emotional productions. Ray has really given the audience a taste of spoken rap there are elements of old hip hop and I can hear influences of Lauryn Hill on the track “Hunny”  which gives DURT that extra kick. Overall this is hard work paying off for Ray Blk.


For any artists I know structuring an album is not easy and I notice it’s not always the 1st 5 songs that are the best sometimes it’s the 1st 3 songs and then actually best songs are towards the end of the album. DURT has 7 strong songs that we can easily like equally or you may 1 more than the other. I personally look forward to hearing more from Ray Blk.

Artists like Ray Blk are a perfect example for categories such as Best Newcomer, Best Female artists etc.

Ray is also a nominee for The Best Newcomer category for the MOBOS Awards  vote here


#DURT is now availble is out now on iTunes and Spotify








Words By Vanessa Ryan


Let me know your thoughts. 🙂 xx


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