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I am convinced that I have been living under a rock as I’m hearing so much tunes that were released months ago but recently they have been brought to my attention. If there are any A&R’s, music managers, producers and music selectors who recieve new music or knows artists who need a platform to showcase their music please contact me and I will do my very best to feature them on Inspire Mysmile.

This weeks favourites

Ayo Jay ‘Your number’ Remix ft Chris Brown & Kid Ink.

Ayo Jay based in the U.S has won me over with this tune. The Nigerian singer songwriter also known as Boy Wonder actually released ‘Your Number’ back in 2013. In 2015 he released the official remix featuring Fetty Wap in 2015. I think now having another remix with Chris Brown and Kid Ink will make this tune blow up again. Ayo signed to One Nation records early this year.

Your Number Remix” Available Now!

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MJ Cole &AJ Tracey ‘The Rumble


MJ Cole is a badass producer and also a don when it comes to remixing tunes. I think this is a great collaboration from someone known for his  UK Garage sounds and someone who has been rated for some time. ‘The Rumble actually sounds like something from Wiley. This is raw and it does the job which is ‘Rumble’



Shystie ‘Dem Way Deh’ (Courtesy of Complex )

SNAPCHAT: iamshystie

Originally previewing snaps of her new track on Snapchat ‘Dem Way Deh’ is making its rounds around the airwaves

This is actually a tune. I like how Shystie has sampled Zeph Ellis beats used in  Garage Skank by Kano and has added her own flavour. When I heard ‘Dem Way Deh’ I couldn’t help but imagine Kano actually featuring on this refixx, That would be so sick.




Snapchat: iamshystie



Solange ‘Cranes In The Sky’ ft Common

Now apparently Common loves this song from Solange so much that he plays it nearly everyday. So he thought he just has add a little something to it. Rightly so, it has been a minute since Common dropped a calm 16 bars.

In September 2016, almost four years after the release of the True EP, A Seat at the Table was released via Saint/Columbia. Solange has joined forces with  Raphael Saadiq and others  who were among the songwriting and production collaborators.


Buy the album now


Inspire Mysmile 🙂



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