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How are you all? Have you enjoyed your summer? I know I did as I went away to enjoy some real sun in Corfu and it was lovely just to wake up to Ray with a great view of the beach.

Any way I won’t wafffle on, I just wanted to touch on something that really got me emotional but inspired at the same time. Those of you that love UK Grime and Hip-Hop you would not have missed Cadet’s letter to his cousin Krept (of Krept and Konan). Firstly I never knew that they are real blood cousins, shows how much I know. The concept of ‘Letter To Krept’ is deep but when I heard Krept’s reply back to Cadet a tear appeared in one eye and it got me thinking about my cousins and how we much we don’t talk or the time where I actually fell out with one of my closest cousins. Many years we never spoke and it made me angry towards my family, like I grew up for the rest of my childhood until 20 years old not speaking to one side of my family. Now that I’m 25 years old I still feel uncomofortable around family sometimes which is why I don’t call or visit all of the time especially when extended members are around, it can be over whelming. Whats crazy now is that the same cousin I fell out with is the same cousin I went on holiday with. The idea of just being on holiday with my closest girl cousin and her daughter was so surreal I didn’t think this would happen but I LOVED spending that quality time it was just lovely.

Here is my letter to my cousins

Dear cousins,

Its often that I think about you all. I wonder why is it that we dont speak often? I don’t ever recall having a proper conversation on the phone with many of you why is that? We just about communicate via social media or send the once year ‘Happy Birthday’ text. Its crazy because when were little our dads/ moms would bring us around nannys where we used love playing out and play card games, the weekends was solely about ‘Cousin Love’. Both of my nans are the heart of the family so when theres a breakdown the whole family becomes distant nobody bothers to make effort. To the cousins on my mom side I love that  we do find some time to link up during the 12 months but I do wonder why we dont reach out to each other, what is it thats keeping us so distant as if we are strangers?

I sometimes wonder if we recgonise each other as cousins (Family). It’s sad that i’ve seen a few of my younger cousins out and about and we don’t even talk or hug in person but its ok  to talk on social media? Its sad that I have so many older male cousins and we dont have each other numbers or even feel to call to say ‘Wa Gwarn cuz’. One of older cousins always says don’t wait for another funeral before the family link up again, its that funny how we link up when its sad times but can’t link up like old times, or hold family parties.

I mentioned above that both of my Grandmothers are the heart of the family but I can’t help but think they are to blame for families distance with each other and amongst other things. When we fall out we go years of not speaking and just stay distant and then some of us will try to reach out but then just stop when the love is not returned.

This is my letter to all of my cousins, I love you all even though we may not talk or never met to have proper conversations. I miss you and I hope that one day we do all just link up and create the family portrait. To my close female cousin its mad how back in the day we were close and then we grew up not speaking and now we talk like sisters. I just want you to know that I love you and my little munchkin. Writing this is hard and whilst listening to Krept in my ears I almost cried. I hope that you all read this or take the time to listen to the open letter that inspired me to write this letter.


Cousin Love



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Words By Vanessa Ryan

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