Hi readers,

So whats new since my last post? Inspire has its official summer mix by DJ Jigga and you can check and download the mix for your own personal use, also check out some of the best mixes that I found for summer from Firin Squad + more.


Also I am pushing new music on other platforms so if you have new music you think I should hear email me Check out the new music I am pushing now here

Also Inspire now has Instagram and you can keep update to with any new developments coming before it comes to the blog. Find details for the Instagram at the bottom of this post.

Anyway I have some new favourites to share. The first artist that goes by the name of Will Hight from the U.S.A. I came into contact with Will on a karoke website where it allows artist to showcase their singing ability, you can collaborate with other artist on songs. If you are not a singer but like karaoke its fun for that too. Will is a singer/ songwriter who is a natural at making his own covers to the likes of Tory Lanez, Usher, Drake and many more artists.

Recently he did a cover to Tory Lanez ‘Luv’ I really like his version and he also has a song called ‘Reasons’ which has a really badass beat. Inspire will interview Will some this year and we can get to know more about him.

Check out his music here








Its been a while since we have heard new music from Miss Fire, but she is back with a new E.P ‘Beginnings’ which showcases her covers on some of the 90’s  R&B  classics. Miss Fire is a gem when it comes to switching it up from UK funky, to producing her own tunes and giving us some R&B, I think its refreshing when artists experiment and actually its ok to do something different and not always put labels on their music. I know Miss Fire for her Funky house classics  such as ‘Happy’ and many more but I also know that she loves R&B music and is brave fierce.

Salute to you Miss Fire

Beginnings is a free download



Facebook fan page




Words By Vanessa Ryan






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