Recently I have been checking out some new music to review on here, as I noticed that I have written an album/mix tape review in a while. Readers let me tell you this mixtape you will hear as been in the making for a long time and I’m so HAPPY that this artist has finally unleashed the goodness.

So who/what is 3rdnation?

J Grant also known as Joshua describes his sounds being a great balance of spoken word and rap.

 I try to portray an image or a story with my words to influence some form of change of behaviour in society. I gain inspiration from real life experiences so my music is relatable & can correlate with my audience. The older I get the wiser & diverse I become. I aim to portray this in each song I write so the growth is evident.
With this project, my aim was to orchestrate patience through music (rap ). I highlight the element of frustration & the acceptance of flaws in order to appreciate the journey of growth. The learning of self value & the realisation of life being influenced by the decisions you make, not so much the environment which surrounds you.

I first connected with Josh years go when he performed his masterpiece titled ‘Mike Lowery’ he blew everyone’s one mind as he just fused with pure real lyrics that makes you connect on another level. This is where the spoken word come into his art and you can evidently here the crafted word play on this mix tape.

As I listened to ‘In My Own Time’ I knew which track gave me  ears orgasms. ‘Nutn’ oozes with 100% real of word play.

The lyrics ” Hands in the air if you love your mother, mine nags too much, but i still love her. See when life gets heated like a chilli pepper there ain’t nothing like a mothers love to ease the pressure.”  I love how J describes life like a chilli pepper I mean whowould of thought to describe life like a hot chilli pepper? I also thought it was very needed to hear J express his thoughts about corrupted cops and highlights whats happening in this current day, which is relatable. Instantly he caught my attention. The chorus is catchy and actually it reminded me of Yungen/Krept and Konan’s ‘Ain’t on nuttin’ track.

My 2nd favourite is ‘Pick Mi Up’ as it sounds so old skool I really appreciate when rappers incorporate elements of 70’s soul and mix it up with a modern beat. I also think this track is the most well-balanced track on this mix tape. In general there are a great mixture of tracks that will get everybody’s attention.

In My Own time is a brilliant mix tape and should get the ratings it deserves. I mentioned earlier that this has been in the making for a long time and now I understand why Josh unleashed it in his own time. I fully rate this mixtape and I truly hope some of you DJ, and music deciders  will take the time out to listen to good underground music. I miss rap music where I can actually recite and understand the lyrics.

In My Own Time has elements of what’s missing in some of Today’s music.

Top 5 for Inspire Mysmile are

  1. Nutn
  2. Pick Mi Up
  3. Familiar
  4. Talented
  5. Good Life

Let me know what you think of In My Own Time






Words By Vanessa Ryan



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