Good afternoon readers as you can probably tell we are now into July and english weather should get better right?  Also the deadline for the DJ ‘S Summer mix is now over.

As from today YOU the readers around the globe can vote for your favourite mix to hold the title of ‘Inspire’s Summer Mix 16’. 

Voting rules

You listen or download the mixes

Once you have decided which mix you LOVE

You can vote by either leaving a comment below stating the title of your favourite and the words ‘Summer mix 16’

Vote via  Twitter

Thank you to the DJ’s who took time out to send me their mixes and be apart of this fun competition.

Here are mixes

DJ Lomi 30 Minute mash-up mix (June edition)

Mixture of old and new RnB, hip-hop. This is a good commercial mix, perfect for house parties, special occasions and just general feel good summer tunes.



Twista DJ The Summer Pool Party 2016

This will 100% get you in the mood for summer BBQs, pool parties etc

It contains current tunes and the odd classic gems that makes it acceptable to still dance to.

DJ Demz (TG4U) Let Me Reintroduce Myself Old Skool RnB & hip-hop mix

If you love your old skool tunes and love to reminisce then this might be your favourite.


DJ JIGGA SUMMER SIXTEEN PT2 ( Grime, Garage &House)

Loving Grime at the minute? This perfect for those summer festivals and all day parties that you have planned for. If you are feeling this mix please vote.

Deadline for voting ends Sunday 10th July. The winner will announced Monday 11th July. Remember your votes are only valid by leaving comments stating the mix title saying’Summer mix 16′

OR Via Twitter Click on my PINNED Tweet where you can vote


Looking forward to announcing the winner.


Words By Vanessa Ryan


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