Last weekend Inspire mysmile had the pleasure of seeing the songress Brandy in concert at Birmingham O2  with performances from the rising star Rebecca James and a bad boy performance from Shakka. On the night was also entertainment from BBC 1xtra DJ Ace who got the audiences out of their seats and were dancing away to throwbacks from the 90’s era. What a night it was!!

Photo credit: Brandy Facebook page

As I was amongst the crowd I over heard quite a few people saying how “Brandy hasn’t aged at all’ she still looks as youthful like back in the Moesha days”.It was touching to hear the crowd sing every song, word for word back to the star. My personal highlight for me was the choreography, there were a few moves that just made me want to jump on the stage and join the dancers. I loved how Brandy and her two male dancers mostly stayed in a 3 formation throughout the night it was seriously entertaining.

Another moment that was very touching and emtional was the tribute the late Whitney Houston, as she took a moment to just reflect and sang parts of the  ‘Shoop shoop’ sound track from the film ‘Waiting To Exhale.’ Although Brandy has some real classics and took us 90’s babies back to when R&B was proper soul, emotional music; There were times where I felt the crowd didn’t connect with Brandy and I think that could be to do with the fact that she did openly say that she is shy and actually the shy, humble and calm vibe did reflect on the stage in the first half but when she came out of shell it was just amazing to watch. To end the concert nicely there was a encore to bring Brandy back on stage, and she came back out with ‘Beggin and Pleadin.’

On thing that I will personally say is that when an artist can sing and perform on the stage as if they are recording in the studio and you hear their true vocals it’s just flawless. Brandy is truly humble, flawless and authentic.

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