Made in partnership with Smirnoff for their ‘We’re Open’ campaign, Donaeo has teamed with Nosiey Music for the official video for  “Mami No Like”.   What  makes this video so imaginative and more that just choreography is that the lead dancer Chris Fonseca is completely deaf.

You may have noticed Chris in the Smirnoffs advert recently.

What makes this project even more special  Fonseca hasn’t had many chances to collaborate with the mainstream dance community.  Noisey and Smirnoff teamed him up with Donaeo and the dance crew  to help create a routine for the video. With its percussive bass, “Mami No Like”, was the perfect song to inspire Fonseca, who“feels music through vibrations by holding the speaker and letting the ‘thumping’ travel through [his] body”.

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Mami No Like


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Words by Noisey

Edited by Vanessa Ryan


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