Good afternoon readers


This morning I was sent mix by a mega talented DJ, who is also a long time friend of myself and Inspire. Twista DJ is no stranger to this page so when he sent me this mix he knew it would put a smile on face and i’m 100% sure that you will enjoy this new funky mix.


Thank you Twista this mix is so fire you have made me rekindle my love for UK funky and funky house music across the world.

Shout out to the producers, djs and artists that are working on new UK Funky projects and want Inspire Mysmile to support the movement. Also to those that have maybe forgotten about all the good funky tunes here is a mix by Twista DJ on mixcloud. Check Twista out as he has the top no 1 mixes available on Mixcloud.


Where ever you are in the world ‘TURN THIS ALL THE WAY UP!!’ feel the bass and be inspired.

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Words By Vanessa Ryan



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