April & May Highlights- WHATS NEW?

Hi readers

Over the past month Inspire has been pretty quiet but busy behind scenes, hence why there has been lack of posts. Inspire took small break so that it can research and look for n great entertaining content and also be inspired by new features. I hope the regualar readers still continue to follow and support and if you are a new reader, Welcome to Inspire Mysmile :).


Last month Inspire went to watch the badass, firey and tipped for ‘Ones to watch 2016’ Ray Blk perform at her first headline show at the Hoxton Bar& Kitchen.  Supporting artists included Tiana Major who stunned the crowd with her young  vocals and I must say from start to end it was 100% great entertainment.  I kind of like how the show was a all female line up with Siobhan Bell  on the decks. We was also in for a treat with  performances from Avelino and Stormzy.

Ray Blk


Ray has had great responses for 50/50 and is in progress of making her latest single ‘My hood’ which features Stormzy another hit. We can only hope that her album will follow sometime this year.

Check out the highlights









TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RayBLK_

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RayBlkMusic/

Purchase ‘My Hood’ on itunes here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/my-hood-feat.-stormzy-single/id1110793262






Couple weeks ago (2nd May) I attended the Natural Hair Week Event which was packed with good valuable nutritional information about afro hair. I went away with lots of GOODIES. I was very to purchase some Cantu products from the distributors as I find there is a massive difference in buying products from distributors to buying them in the ” Hair Beauty” shops.

There was great workshops, fantastic hair and fashion show where all the models were rocking african print designs. It was so beautiful to see a lot of the attendees were all embracing their natural hair,(except for me as I had weave unfortunately).

I was particualy inspired by Dr Lola Akingbola, I left with her book.


Dr Lola Akingbola is a Nigerian-born Medical Doctor based in London, UK with a special interest in hair and skin. Author of “8 Weeks to Longer Hair” and releasing her second book, “The Transitioning Handbook” this year. With her Masters in Clinical Dermatology from Cardiff University, she shares her knowledge of haircare online on www.lolascurls.com.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much photos as I was so engrossed and excited I actually FORGOT that this was going to be apart of the blog.. oops!!

However please feel free to check out some of the information here.

Workshops at Natural Hair Week UK 2016


I will also update this post with more images, please stay posted.

Words By Vanessa


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