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First of all thank you to all the readers and artists that have been emailing and sharing  Inspire Mysmile and continue to reguarly check the page for new features whilst inspire is taking a break so that we can provide new and fresh content for YOU!!


I wanted to share this new feature called Sister For Life which is led by a group of inspiring ladies that have set out to make a difference to those who maybe less unfortnate. Their aim was to raise £300 which would help pay for small useful materials such as pens, books, shoes etc for young children in Ghana. The funds were raised and the mission was completed by  a friend of the blog and artist Flavia who was also  featured on Inspire last month. This project is just so admirable and refreshing to see whilst so much is happening in the world today.

Inspire caught up with our girl Flavia to find out more about Sister For Life and how her goal was achieved.

What is  Sister For Life

Making a difference one step at a time. The aim is to supply, encourage and support children teachers and schools around the Globe.


Why the name Sister for Life?


 I thought how relatable would it be to describe the love of a sibling, I’m a sister myself  and the love I have for my younger sister is a nurturing caring one, I’m here to support and also to have a laugh with. This is exactly how I want my organization to come across, when people relate the experiences they’ve had with me and others involve I want the words Loving, Caring and Exciting to Echo.

I was born in Italy to Ghanaian parents. I’ve always been in tune with my roots.

Living in a challenging country that was still getting used to immigrants, I always warmed up to anything that helped my parent’s country as I identified myself more of an African.

I’ve always been sceptical of certain charity organizations that have raised money and gave promises that the receiving countries have never seen materialize. Cause of that I’ve always been reluctant to donate to TV ads or get fully involved.

They say if you don’t like how things are, do something about it. This is exactly what I decided to do. I thought I might not be this massive organization yet but how about I start small.  I love kids and I thik education is really imporant.  I love how positive teachers can be and the massive impact investing in the youth benefits society.

I decided to target my generosity towards schools, kids and teachers.


Go Fund Me campaign



In  January  I decided I wouldn’t delay anymore with my idea of helping children,  thanks to a group of ladies I associate myself with

I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and although the intentions wa there and all good the funds to do this mission wasn’t there. I set up which is a perfect platform for people to raise money for good personal cause and gets the word out easily and professionally.  All I really needed was £300, so there it was on a page explaining my mission and asking for friends and family help to achieve it.

the bible says “ there’s more happiness in giving than in receiving”- Acts 20:35

I also started a Instagram page that explained my goal

“my goal is to take a suitcase full of books pens colours anything a child would use and enjoy alongside funds to donate to schools for repairs or any activities needed “

Within  4 weeks over 33 individuals helped me raise the money, books where donated and money was the use to buy packs to give to individuals.

So amazing I will forever be grateful for every pound and kind word I’ve received.


March/April 2016 trip to Ghana 


First stop thanks to a friend’s suggestion I visited a nursery called TINY ANGELS in the capital ACCRA, The children were so cute in their pink uniforms, it really was adorable and the workers where very friendly, they welcomed me and praised me which was slightly embarrassing as I don’t do well with compliments.




They were surprised someone on holiday would randomly pop up with stuff to donate out the blue, no strings attached no contacts and emails was exchanged and we intend to keep in contact for future exciting projects.



On the way home I was regularly bumping into street kids some didn’t even have shoes, I had a bag full of packs as the school didn’t need all the ones I had so a spontaneous decision was made to just start giving them out to any kids I came across within the matter of 10 minutes I tiny crowd started to form around me all asking for pencils so they can use it to study and draw.
It was a very overwhelming moment as I realised how simple things can make such a massive impact on these little children, all I kept hearing was  “God bless you Miss” priceless moments I will cherish for life.

In a world where so many people are ungrateful this trip thought me a valuable lesson as to how we need to value what we currently have.


Few days later I manage to get a trip to the  Accra neighbouring town Koforidua, which also happens to be where my grandfather is from.

First stop was a basic school in mile 50. The head teacher Agnes was more than surprise yet again a grateful face welcomed and hugged me, commended me for the initiative and appreciated the donation and packs.



We manage to go in the classes and see the focus and seriousness of the students and how much they valued education.


Last stop was a Anglican primary school  , this school was the one that needed help the most. It was heart breaking for me by the time I reached them my resources where limited but I manage to give every book and pack I had left to them , and they was so thankful my promise to them is that I would return in future and I vow to keep it.

I shared all the pencils I had left  and distributed it amongst the classes the teacher was also explaining to me how much the students that attend are in need of help but highlighted how smart and creative they where.


Overall I had the most amazing time and plan to carry on with this journey, god has truly blessed my initiative and efforts to help one another, and I hope I’ve inspired others to do the same.

Our motto is:

“Making a difference one step at a time”

No matter how big or small your will to help someone else is and no matter how little or how much you can give we can all have a impact in someone else life.


What are  the future goals for ‘Sister For Life’ do you plan to take it to other countries in Africa and outside of Africa?


Flavia: I want it to be a nation wide organisation pushing other young ones to do the same  even help them so they can do so alongside sister for life . I’m trying to reach out to other Africans and young ones from different origin so I can take sister for life in more places Nigeria would be lovely , Jamaica is another one on my list .
 Whilst you were in Ghana what inspired your smile?

The kids faces literally the expression of another human being saying thank you and genuinely meaning It , I nearly cried cause it was so easy and simple to provide the school packs with pencils , definitely will be doing it again.

I know you as the singer-songwriter Flavia, is Sister for life one of many projects you are working on?
I’m currently working on releasing a new dance music video but I’ve had to humble myself and I’m now  trying to juggle one thing at a time so what I do is good enough
What advice would you give to someone who is planning on doing the same as what Sister for life did in Ghana?
Don’t be scared do it , you don’t know how a simple act of kindness can actually change someone’s life for he better , don’t be scared to ask for help and don’t be creative.



Keep up to date with Sister For Life


Instagram: @sisterforlifepage   #SSFLP




Words by Flavia- Sister For Life


Edited by Vanessa Ryan


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