Hi readers

Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay of this years Mothers day and Interanational Womens Day posts, I hope all ladies across the globe celebrated in their own way and embraced each other in one way or another.

Personally I would like to think March is officially “Womens Month.”

As this is this first post I would like to dedicate this post to the women that are battling with problems that pop up on a daily basis, whether it be financial, relationships and or health problems. Life is hard enough as it is without added pressure. Women like to feel strong mentally and physically so when there is a breakdown or lack of support it will either encourage anxiety along with other emotions or we tend not to let it affect us and just keep it moving.

When I feel like i’m going through the battles I find music and retail therapy are my remedies. My musical medicine this week was Bridget Kelly ‘Not Afraid’, which tied in perfectly on International Womens Day as the message I got from the song is

the life we experience are like growing pains.

We can still go through battles but just don’t be afraid to follow our passion regardless.



Singer/songwriter and Grammy Award-winner Bridget Kelly highlights passion and strength in her video for “Not Afraid,” a track from her latest EP Summer of 17. The video dropped on March 8th, although its not offically listed as of yet Rap up premiered it as well other blog sites.

Bridget Kelly Drops Empowering Video, ‘Not Afraid’


Words by Vanessa Ryan


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