SWV, also known as Sisters with Voices, are the American Grammy-award nominated female R&B/pop trio from New York. Formed in 1990, SWV had a series of hits, including “Weak”, “Right Here/Human Nature”, “I’m So Into You.”

After a 15 years gap the trio are back with their 5th studio album titled ‘Still.’

Cheryl “Coko” Clemons, Tamara “Taj” George, and Leanne “Lelee” Lyons spent a few years apart after their incredible run together, but they reunited two years ago for I Missed Us,

The 10 tracklisted album is sounding strong with songs like ‘Aint no man’, ‘Still into you’ and ‘Man Crush Everyday’, I would say SWV still have it, if not better than back in the 90’s.

What I don’t understand is why wasn’t there any real hype in the UK for this release? I didn’t really see the usual entertainment sites promote, or write reviews, or maybe I’ve been living under a rock. I may be late with this album but its a privilege to actually feature one of THE hottest  R&B girl groups one Inspire Mysmile.

Listening to the album I would give it a stong 8/10 because I like that album starts with 3 GREAT songs instantly I took a personal liking to Still, MCE (Man Crush Everyday) and although it is track 5 I personally think ‘Aint No Man’ should have been track 3 as it simply highlights why we like SWV just like 90’s they lock in their melodies so beautifully it takes me back to ‘Weak.’


Ain’t No Man Video


I like how they sound very current on ‘Love Song’ as it has the typcial DJ Mustard/Harmony Samuels beats. I can easily hear this in the clubs. I think Love song is great as it take them out of their comfort zone and it breaks down the album nicely.


Tell me what you think about Still album

 Check out the full playlist here
Words By Vanessa Ryan

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