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As you know I love exclusives and when artists and creatives share their work with Inspire.

I was really touched when this new aspiring writer shared a snippet of her new book with me. I recieved the message at the right time as well which made it even better.



Before Breath
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Selina Brown is  a Writer, Success & Soul Coach and Creative Entrepreneur of Jamaican heritage and African roots – born and raised in England. As a Creative Entrepreneur, birthing Little Miss Creative, Creative High and TNF Mag. Brown’s success has lead to many opportunities including being featured on Afro Elle, Birmingham Mail and Voice Online.


Before Breath is her first published book. Selina loves to spread positivity and light and also share her personal experiences on to others. Having just finished her book tour in New York, Brazil and Jamaica. Before Breath is a  Journey into Ancient Spiritual Laws interpreted and lived through the life of a young woman in the 21st Century. There’s magic, growth and love contained in this honest fusion of poetry and personal revelations. This book of power is guaranteed to breathe life and truth into every reader’s heart.


“When I birthed “Before Breath”, I gave away a piece of me, so people can connect to my words and heal”

– Selina Brown


I am personally fond of Selina Brown as she encourages everyone to follow their dreams and I know how much of an inspiration she is to women and young girls. I can vouch that Selina inspired me to expand the Inspire Mysmile brand and made see the full potential.


Salute Selina 🙂

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Words By Vanessa Ryan


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