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Here at Inspire Mysmile I was very lucky to get the chance to speak with one of the best “Top Fly” Security Officer Elijah Shaw as he briefly shared his experience of working in the entertainment industry, the services his business ICON offers and also he touched on his creative skill and love for photography and much more.

Who is Elijah Shaw?

Photo Credit Dwayne Franklin
Elijah Shaw training students in cover and evacuation drills Photo Credit Dwayne Franklin

Elijah grew up in a notorious Chicago inner city housing project, Ida B. Wells, yet he was able to make it out of the ghetto and start a successful Security Consulting Firm.  People from all over the world including Australia and South Africa travel to the US to train with Elijah.  He has successfully taken clients in and out of some of the most dangerous places on the planet including Palestine, Angola and Ferguson during the riots.

While Elijah is known for working with celebrities, his client base includes a number of Fortune 500 Companies, and he has a political roster as well.  Elijah has been involved with both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions including the upcoming one in 2016.

He started doing photography to capture some of the beautiful and unique things he saw and recently launched a website called where he hosts the photos.  The proceeds from the site go towards purchasing cameras for inner city youth to equip them with a means to a creative outlet.

Elijah J. Shaw is the President and CEO of Icon Services Corporation.

ICON supplies train and staff a team of experienced protection agents who have operated all over the world. From the Academy Awards to the War zones of Iraq and Afghanistan we have had a security presence recognized for unmatched professionalism.

What makes a good body guard?

you’ve got to have a  lot of patience and knowing  how to keep the clients privacy. Also staying focused, trying not to get distracted.

How has the business changed you as person?

I think I am definitely more aware of cause and effect to each situation I try to identify the causes of situations .

What advice would you give to those that have an interest in the security business?

The first thing I would say is to know your craft and learn how to be a business a person. This is something that I have definitely had to do and also have a business partner.

The most important thing to do is to research the field and what roles in the security protection service maybe suited to you.

What would you say has been the defining moment in your career?

Well I started my firm from the bottom and I would say the defining moment for me, was having the and belief  from the previous job I was in and that push inspired me to start my own business.

How important is it to have open communication?

My clients like to go about their day without intrusion.It’s good to understand what the security job involves.

We must mention the work you have done with women that are in domestic situations. We think it’s great that you offer protection services to women that have suffered domestic violence. In one sense the women can turn to you for support.

Who do you turn to when you are insecure?

I think empowerment in women is a natural thing to me, because I turn to family and  my mom for empowerment.

When you are not working, how do you unwind, what do you do?

I like to unwind to Jazz and classical music. I just music without lyrics and what’s funny is that I’ve taken a  interest in learning about classical music. I also like to listen to a artist called Omen, who has just released his album Elephant Eyes, and I also unwind to a group called The Internet.



Lastly what would be the legacy of ICON?

The training academy would be the legacy and something for the next generation of security officers and I also want people to remember ICON as a business that has given back to the community.

Thank you for your time Elijah

To find our more about Elijah’s company click here:


Elijah Shaw’s Social Media pages:



Words by Vanessa Ryanouv


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