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Ahead of the finale of ‘Start Up U’  Inspire Mysmile caught up with Draper University Entrepreneur in Residence Sequioa Blodgett.  I got to know Sequioa B as the business woman and Sequioa away from business.

SB is the founder of 7AM; a mobile business app community which promotes positive intimate relationships.  The app also  focuses on personal and intimate relationship development. For more information click here

What you need to know about Sequioa Blodgett!

Sequoia began her road to success in a way you would not of imagined: in a hospital bed. In March of 2014, she got really sick and was hospitalized. Confined to her room and prompted to reexamine her professional goals and dreams, Blodgett called a life-coach friend and told him about her idea to create a business.

In July of 2014, SB was teaching photography as the basis of branding at an all-girls tech and entrepreneurship camp across the street from Stanford University. A lot of the students had parents who were venture capitalists and CEO’s of major businesses. One of the instructors mentioned Draper University. Completely riveted by the idea of a school for blossoming entrepreneurs, Sequoia applied and was accepted.

After completing the program, Sequoia came in 2nd place at Pitch Day and received a small angel investment; she was the only person in her class to secure a solid deal. Not only did Tim Draper give her money upfront, but he also agreed to match another investor down the line.

Prior to beginning her life as an entrepreneur, SB was a senior video producer for Clear Channel’s ad agency, Creative Services Group. In addition, she was signed to several production companies where she worked with multiple mainstream artists, directed commercials and shot fashion photography.

SB received her Bachelor of Arts in Film/Television Production at Loyola Marymount University

Tim Draper changed my life, I would describe the experience as the real world meets survivor world.

Hi Sequoia, Thank you for taking time to do the interview today.

As a successful business woman, can you share what how budding entrepreneurs can get investment?

  • You got to have a strong team and have the skills to be a good co-founder.

  • Traction is key– Think will people be interested in your products?

  • Market size– How big is the market and it potentially make you successful? These are all of things that entrepreneurs have to think about when putting business ideas together to pitch to investors.

You must have made some sacrifices on your way up and if so what were they?

(Laughs) yes.. relationships is probably the most sacrifices because you have to make and have that time to get to know someone. So for me ‘TIME’ can be an issue.

How do you stay motivated?

When I was video director I think the thing that would make me motivated was giving artists creative concepts for their videos. And even now as development coach I love being able to guide people with their passion. Passion is a big thing, like the amount of success that I have had to work towards in 9 years, I have gained that in just 7 months as an entrepreneur.

Passion keeps me motivated

There are a lot of budding entrepreneurs and an increase of young people wanting to start their own business. One of the struggles entrepreneurs experience is trying to juggle personal life with the business and some having to keep their daytime job to fund their passion.

What are the things that budding Entrepreneurs should do to keep their business organised as well as taking care of their personal business?

If you have an idea for a business that is your passion and you want to pursue it, the first thing you should do is validate your ideas by doing surveys and network with people. Once you have feedback and know if your business does have potential then you can start making the product and building traction.

When you see the traction and growth, you can say goodbye to the other job.

A lot of people make that mistake where they try to save money to put into the business, don’t do this as you will be trying to save will do nothing.. Instead look into crowd funding, see where the numbers are in your community and try to cross collaborate as the community can help to grow your business and also you can work at your own pace.

Why is your company called 7 AM, what’s story behind it?

Well actually the original name for it was Love Uncut, but then after searching to see if anyone has trademarked the name I found out that someone was already using the name.  7AM,  focuses on personal and intimate relationship development. The idea came from her fascination with life coaching and the psychology behind human relationships. It represents a new day and it’s short and memorable..

Putting the business mind aside and get a little personal. What are the top 5 beauty products are you wear?


  1. Bobbi Brown Foundation
  2. Chanel Mascara
  3. Mac Lipgloss
  4. Nude Sparkly Lip gloss
  5. I like bold make up so anything that’s bold really.

What music artists do you like to like to unwind to?

At the moment I am loving Miguel, but depending on my mood.. If I feel to turn up I might play some Nicki Minaj.

Lastly how would you like people to remember Sequoia and your company 7AM?

Pause.. good question. I would like people to remember 7AM as a company that has helped their lives and I think that’s how I would want people to remember me. Sequoia helped me achieved something, she helped me build my business.

“Startup U” follows a group of entrepreneurial millennial as they embark on a semester at Draper University in Silicon Valley. Led by billionaire founder and venture capitalist Tim Draper, the seven-week program teaches the fundamentals of launching a startup company under the mentorship of America’s business leaders. In the end, students pitch their ideas to a panel of hungry venture capitalists with the hope that they’ll receive a life-changing investment to launch their business.

Here’s a link for the sneak peek for the Season Finale of #StartupU:

Use the hashtag #StartupU

Tune in for the Season Finale, Thursday, October 15 at 5pm EST on ABC Family and tweet along live with @SequoiaB using the hashtag #StartupU
Words By Vanessa Ryan

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