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Inspire Mysmile has been given the opportunity to interview various stars, entrepreneurs and celebs. Recently I interviewed one of Atlanta’s arising star: ‘QT Jazz’ (Jasmine Robinson). QT describes her music upbeat, RnB with hints of pop and is described as ‘Atlanta’s pop princess’. No stranger to the industry has Jazz told me that her mom has worked with the 90’s RnB girl group Xscape also Tamar Braxton and the Braxton’s Family. Jazz has practically grown up in the industry. Jazz has travelled throughout the United States as support act for Neyo, B.O.B, Monica, Mindless Behaviour,TI, Tiny, Kandi, and Lil Wayne.

This little QT has the whole package at the age of 20 years old Jazz also has her own lip gloss collection ‘QT Collection’ which you can purchase from her website

Outside of music Jazz is a social representative for Coke as well as the reporter for Sprite Pour (Perveyors Of Urban Reality): a programme for budding and established artists in music, art and fashion.

So we know how multi talented QT Jazz is and we know she is seen as the protejee for Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Kandi Burruss and T.I & Tiny, but I wanted know a bit more about Jasmine, to which she kindly shared 🙂

  1. What are you most passionate about?

Really passionate about my music and I love to perform, sing and dance

2. Your hit track ‘Heels, Bags’ gives your fans an insight into what you like and obviously like to wear heels, so will you adding a clothing line to your business?

(Laughs) I like to wear heels with everything, yes I would like to in the future. I mean I have had some acting projects come up as well, so a clothing line could be something to work on.

3.You have remixed Xscape’s ‘Understanding’ track and also remixed Aaliyah’s ‘At your best’ what has been the feedback?

Yes I did a tribute performance to Xscape, Kandi and Tiny loved it. I always take any feedback from them seriously because I grew around their music and they have mentored me. Yea they loved that I showed homage to them.

Understanding Remix Ft Zonnique, QT Jazz, Bahja, Kelsie

‘At Your Best’ Remix

4. As a young 20 year old and being in the music industry, you under a lot of pressure, so what has been your challenges and how do you overcome them?

I guess I have learned that in this industry you have to earn you spot/place. In the past one of the challenges that I have had to face is not performing due to there being other local upcoming talent performing before the headline act and then the promoters would switch it up, which would limit me performing.

5. What has been the best the best advice you have received?

In 2014 I did some reporting with Sprite at the BET Hip-Hop Awards and I remember asking Neyo what advice would he give to upcoming stars and he said ”If you want to be one of the biggest entertainers, you’ve got to act like it and work hard.” That advice has stuck with me since.

6. As an artist and reporter what have you learned?

I’ve noticed when I’m reporting and speaking to other talents, some of them only know how to express themselves through art and not actually talk or don’t answer questions properly. (Laughs) but then as artist I am learning to answer questions better, which is why I have ask “Did I answer your question well?” I’m more aware.

7. Have you been compared to other female artists?

Yes people have compared me to Ciara, Janet Jackson, I mean they are my idols and I would love to be as big as them.

8. Who would you like to work with in the future?

I am a big fan of Justin Timberlake and Timberland. I just love how they work together. My brother produces the beats for my music, but to have a Timberland produce one of my tracks that would be awesome.

9. Have you heard or know of any UK artists?

I have checked out a few, but I couldn’t give you a specific name.

10.  What would be the one thing you would like to change in the music industry?

I would like to see more support for black african americans and more of us supporting each other.

11. What are your goals?

I would love to put together a E.P to be released in 2016, headline my own shows and also expand QT Collections and just see it blossom.

12. On your EP or album what song would you choose for 1st time listeners?

My current song Heels, Bags and I have another track which you have exclusively called Roses.

QT Jazz hit single ‘Heels, Bags’

QT Jazz’s Social Media pages:

Instagram | @qtjazz,

Twitter | @qtjazz,

YouTube | qtjazz

QTJazz’s website:

Words By Vanessa Ryan


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