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Introducing Dezmensa otherwise known as ‘Derry’ an individual
who’s personality somehow manages
to inject a sense of ease into the

Derry racked up over 6 million views for his
electric Xfactor audition. As part of the group
‘The Risk’ he went on to perform in over
200 shows breaking the record for the most
booked Xfactor act. Since the band split Dezmensa
has been on a journey to establish
himself as a solo singer/rapper/songwriter.
Now his debut single is coming to you this


Collaborating with Brumtown Hit
Factory’s own beat mixologist, Dynamiks, who
stirred up a track that will shake and stir the
club scene this summer!
‘Way Too Drunk’, is an irresistible blend of
sweet vocals from Dezmensa with a catchy
combination of synths, snaps and kicks.

Way too Drunk  (written by Dezmensa,
Rayn and Aaron) have easily transformed this track in to a club
banger, it definetly has potential to recieve radio play. I would like to see Dezmensa put a EP asap so we can hear and see his full potential.

 He says, “I’m way too drunk to care
right now” such a catchy hook that will send
the crowd on the WTD wave.
Watch out for this sweet summer concoction
that will take the ‘party to every city”.

Watch out for this sweet summer concoction.

Twitter: Dezmensa




Back in March Inspire MySmile interviewed Egypt ahead of her new single ‘Changes’ along with  a bonus remix by DJ Truce. Egypt is back with another track entitled “Im not looking back” produced by G Logan. The sound of the piano sounds in the intro really brings out the soufulness and emotion in Egypt’s vocals. “Not Looking Back” is only 2.36 minutes long but in that time I really like how Eygpt lets us know that ‘It’s her time and that’s why she’s not looking back’. Preach!!


Twitter: @EgyptOfficial



Donaeo Jungle ft Ghetts
Donaeo Jungle ft Ghetts

Ever since Donaeo said that he is only making UK Funky type tracks he has recevied welcomed responses from producers, artists and DJ’s. Donaeo gave us “Mami No Like” a few months back off the Passion and Progress label and since then I feel like Donaeo has been weighing between Funky with Grime influences, with his latest projects that seem to have some type of  theme. Donaeo has put out his latest tracks titled ‘Purple, ‘Black’ with lyrics like “Mana ah wear black”  and nice bouncy drops of bass and now with his new tune “Jungle” ft Ghetts to add some zoom zoom and fast paced bars. The question that I have for Donaeo is are we going to be seeing big collabs with Grime and UK funky artists on one track anytime soon? Personally if there’s one person that can do this successfully and try to make this happen it can only be “DONAAAEO!!”

Check out Jungle ft Ghetts:

Mami No Like




So these are just some of the latest tracks that Inspire MySmile is currently feeling. Thank you to BrumTown Factory, Egpyt and Donaeo.

Go and suuport  and let me know what you like,  what you don’t like. Also if there is a song, album that you feel needs to be on here, please get in touch.

Until next time readers

Words By Vanessa Ryan


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