Last month I caught up with a Birmingham artist by the name of BdotuThis was just the chance to find out what he has been up to, learn more about him as an artist and who inspires his lyrics and mentions his Prizefighter clash. Watch the the video below

As well as being inspired by my older friends i was also inspired by So solid crew , Ludacris , Pmoney , Ghetts and Skepta


We all know how ‘freestyles’ can stir up a lot of hype in the Grime and  Hip-hop world and for me when you watch and listen to B it’s like listening to Wretch 32 in terms of wordplay but you can hear influences from some of the most popular MC whom most of us know.

I love making grime and hip hop as it enables me to portray how i feel in both genres. As a writer i don’t tend to write basic structural lyrics, i like to use clever punchlines and metaphors to keep everyone’s brain working active with the idea of sending a message across also. My passion to perform and reach out to peoples hearts. This is what makes me want to create music forever not just for the fame but for the pleasure .



Watch the interview here

Thank you to Ozone media for filiming the interview


Bdot performing ‘Work Hard Play Harder’



Links to Bdotu’s music



Words by Vanessa Ryan


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