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Inspire MySmile caught up with Tyrese Gibson in our special pt 2 interview to find out on what the response has been like since the release of the Black Rose Album.  I couldn’t imagine on how it feels to be no 1 on the billboards for 2 weeks running and selling 90,000 + albums worldwide but Tyrese told us clearly that

the response from fans is a warm and emotional feeling.

Tyrese has a story and a message to share and the only way he can do this successfully is by using is God gifted talent, by using media and social media outlets to get his message across. We all know how ambitious Tyrese is as he speaks so passionately about RnB music as a whole.

When asked about what he thinks about RnB music he clearly says

RnB is not dead. The state of RnB is in extinct, you don’t have to feature rappers to get the attention. Singers are now rapping and collaborating with other rappers just to get their songs played on the radio. Music has no boundaries and it’s clear if I have been independently pushing this album and to be no 1 in 15 countries and at the top of the billboard chart. People are hungry for real good RnB Music.

What is the key to the success you have achieved in the last 20 years?

Not to let ego take over your pride. Everything comes down to communication and having a good team around you to communicate the right information.

Why is ‘Shame‘ the lead single and why did you focus on that song in particular?

‘Shame’ was written by DJ Roberts Jnr, it just captures such a strong story that I was able to put all of my energy into as the time I was in a bad place, and a bad relationship. I feel like it represents ‘Black Rose’ so well and I just knew it would stand out and people would be able to relate to the topic well.


When asked who is inspires and is his favourite artist, as a successful artist himself this question felt weird because I see Tyrese as someone who is in his own league but from listening to his music you can tell that old soul music really brings out his emotions.

I don’t really listen to “today’s RnB music” and as I was coming up with the concepts for this album I didn’t want to do “today’s RnB music”, I wanted to go back to how soul music made us feel back when I was growing up. I grew up on Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass etc and that’s the type of music that influences me.

Why did you name the album Black Rose?

I was inspired by 2pac’s poem and this represents me as the black rose through concrete and conquering life experiences.

Recently Tyrese expressed his issue with mainstream radio and why they don’t play his music, after Tyrese shared his open letter to Ryan Seacrest.

How can mainstream radio change and what message would you give to those music deciders?

First of all he has no problem with people like Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake etc who make RnB type music. I have known Robin Thicke and Justin for many year and I’ve worked with them. All I want is the opportunity to have my music played on mainstream just like those guys. Urban radio station’s play music by white and black artists with no problem at all, so why is it only on way for the mainstream stations?

My mission is to save RnB and to make sure I and  other  artists receive the love on both sides.

The interview was for 1 hour and once again Inspire Mysmile are thankful for to Voltron Entertainment and for Tyrese for giving us his precious time. In such a small amount of time we managed to cover a lot during the interview and if you don’t know Black Rose is now available to buy make sure you go and support for the love of RnB Music.

available here

 PRIVATE Listening Party Hosted by Tyrese’s Furious 7 co-star, Vin Diesel, and Lorenz Tate:
Words By Vanessa Ryan

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