Black Rose
Black Rose

Hi Readers,

A few months back Inspire Mysmile featured the multi talented and good looking  star; Tyrese Gibson  who was celebrating his single’ Dumb Sh**,’   Black Rose being his last solo album, Fast 7 film and few other projects that he is working on. Well people the time has come where we can now officially see Tyrese’s vision of the album  Black Rose.

Recently having a private listening party, Tyrese invited friends and special guests  Lorenz Tate and Vin Diesel to celebrate and truly marinate ‘The Black Rose Experience’.  Black Rose is now available to purchase here on itunes

Tyrese explained previously that The Black Rose album will be his last solo album and it features 14 straight RnB songs.

PRIVATE Listening Party Hosted by Tyrese’s Furious 7 co-star, Vin Diesel, and Lorenz Tate:


I personally think that this album was so much-needed as it doesn’t sound or feel diluted its straight soul with every track having a story or influence behind it.

Tyrese highlights how much ‘Shame’ means to him as he wrote the track at time where he was in a bad place in his previous relationship. ‘Shame’ is also the title of the short musical film that was directed by Paul Hunter and produced by Denzel Washington and it features Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson.

Tyrese on The Breakfast Club:

So after listening to Black Rose I really like the sound of ‘Picture Perfect’ it paints the picture of what a good relationship looks like and it sounds like how a good Rnb song should sound, which is one with a story to share and life in the production and the lyrics. I like how the album is diverse and has influences from the 60’s 70’s, 90’s and current sounds.  There is enough songs on the Black Rose Album that everybody can relate to even if it’s just one song.

Top Favourite

1. Picture Perfect

2. Waiting on you


4.Prior to you Ft. Tank

5. I still do

Inspire Mysmile would like to congratulate Tyrese on the no1 title in 15 countries and Black Rose is now available to purchase here on itunes




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