Hi Readers, I just have one question for you all. How do you feel when you hear a classic that is remixed by the original artist or producers just so we can relive and reminisce the good times? The  upcoming generation can also get a taste of what we heard whilst growing up. In this case I am talking about one of the best UK garage productions that  really paved the way for garage music and a lot of the UK music today. Battle’ by Wookie ft Lain wookie

Originally  ‘Battle’ was released 15 years ago  (2000) and reached top 10 in the UK single charts. Fast forward 15 years the loved producer and writer Wookie, has released the ‘Battle’ 2015 ft Lain. Imagine the excitement DJ’s, producers and avid garage listeners felt when Radio 1xtra DJ Mistajam gave it its first airplay. I remember just seeing the hype on Twitter and just waiting for a link so I could hear it.





1. Wookie’s produced UK/Reggae artist Wayne Marshall’s debut album 90 Degrees and Rising in 1994

2.He has also worked with Soul II Soul’s Jazzie B, Ms Dynamite and has remixed tracks by Destiny Child, Nas, Public Enemy and many more artists in the late 90’s

3.In 1999 he released the original remix to Gabrielle’s ‘Sunshine’

4.Wookie is probably best known for his magic with ‘Little Man’ with Sia which is still one of the best UK garage tracks until this day.

5. In 2013 Wookie appeared in a documentary that explored the legacy of UK Garage, he also remixed Disclosure’s Voices’ and Eliza Doolittle’s Walking on Water’.

I love this tune for many reasons but my main reason is because of the lyrics, even with an upbeat production the lyrics are sang with passion and it’s so relatable to so many people. I want you to marinate the lyrics ”Every day is like a battle but we’ll overcome” and just take in every bit of the production because it’s flawless. For me personally Battle and Wookie will forever be legendary and a pioneer in the music industry.




Let me know your thoughts. If it has inspired your smile let me know 🙂

Words By Vanessa Ryan



  1. Nice post. If your happy for your posts to be shared elsewhere, then happy to post anything garage related on our platform.
    If thats cool please let us know and keep us up to date.

    1. Hi, thankyou for your feedback it’s really appreciative. In regards to sharing my posts feel free to but please tag or credit funkynessa, or Inspire MySmile. I would be happy to collaborate with IloveUKG sometime just send me an email.

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