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Thursdays are known as “TBT” (Throwback Thursdays) although it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go down memory lane and reminisce in to your archives on Thursday’s and share your old stuff with the world, you can do this whenever you want. Today I feel the need to claim and share  my best articles over the past 3-5 years.

Donaeo Indigo Child Album Review

Posted 2011

Review: Donaeo – ‘Indigo Blue’ (Free Album)indigo child

The “So Fly ” singer Donaeo has finally touched our sound waves again with his new album Indigo Child. The album Kicks off with the smooth getaway intro. Then moves into his normal unique hard sounds.
Indigo Child features the great vocalist Terri Walker on the hit “When angles sing” and Talib Kweli on my personal favourite “Honey”. “Move To Da Gyal Dem” and “Honey” sound jazzy and funky combined. Drum, bass and bongo sounds seem to be the flavour right now. The theme of the tracks work well and we can tell Donaeo himself has thought very hard of what type of album he wanted to create.
My own personal rating for Indigo child would be 8/10 for the Theme and overall rating of 9/10 for album.
Review written by Funkynessa for UKFunky.net (http://soundplate.com/2011/10/free-download-donaeo-indigo-child-album/)

Funkynessa’s Artist Spotlight: Twista DJ

twista Dj

Words by Vanessa Ryan

When you hear the name Twista what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Dappa Mc, Sidewinder maybe…

This month I thought I would bring attention to Leicester veteran, Twista DJ. I have been following Twista’s movements for some time; he just keeps stepping up his work rate and moving on to bigger things. I first heard of Twista when he had his late night show on Demon FM where he would play everything from R&B and Funky House to Bassline. Since then I have seen Twista on flyers and giving out free mixes almost continuously.

My personal favorite mixes he has put out are “Volume 1”, “Girls Love Funky” and the “01234 promo mix” but I can’t think of any Funky House DJ that has put out as many mixes as Twista since 2010!

Since Demon Fm Twista has moved on to do a show for Rinse FM and has spent some time playing in clubs in the party island Ayia Napa with Dappa Mc. Together they both put “The UK Funky Summer Essentials Mix” this was another good mix that got a lot of attention from the scene.

I totally support Twista DJ because he is one of the few DJ’s that really listens to what ravers want to hear and delivers it to the best of his ability, His mixes are always on point. He is a true club DJ that is versatile enough to play for different crowds and mix different genres. He is also a part of the sidewinder team promoting sidewinder events and mix cds.

But don’t just take my word check out Twista mixes below..

Mike Delinquent Project – ‘Step In The Dance’ (feat. Lady Leshurr) (Zed Bias Remix)

Mike Delinquent

Birmingham’s very own Lady Leshurr has hooked up with Mike Delinquent “Step in the dance”.  I first heard of Mike Delinquent on KCAT song “Out of control” which was such a massive track in terms of UK garage, funky bassline. Every DJ had this track on lock. Since then Mike has also remixed Wretch 32 chart smash “Tracktor” , Yasmin “Finish Line” and many more.

The track is perfect for the club scene and is out now. While watching the video which is now available to watch on youtube, I saw that Zed Bias has also remixed the track. Bias known for the bassy, drum beats is perfect because both producers do have similar styles with big beats and basslines. Check out the remix below:

Words By: Vanessa Ryan

‘Step In The Dance’ and the remixes are released tomorrow (24th Sep)


Posted 2013


Words By Vanessa Ryan

LL Cool J announced on Twitter over the weekend that his new album ‘Authentic’ is officially completed. This will be his first full length album in 5 years, it’s been that long. He tweeted “kinda scared to release it, it’s been so long.”

The veteran rapper currently has songs which are out there.

The track “Take it” which features Joe seems is available to check out. ‘Authentic’ was set to be released on February 12th 2013.

It is still unclear what the release will be as LL Cool J apparently has set it back twice already. Other sources have said it will now be slated to drop on the 30th April 2013. In the mean time LL Cool J has revealed the cover art for ‘Authentic’ along with the track


Words By Vanessa Ryan

So a few weeks ago Ciara released the video for Body Party which features the rapper Future. This week Ciara took to twitter to give us the official ‘Body Party’ (Rich Mix remix).

I like the idea of Ciara sampling Ghost town DJ ‘My Boo.’ I love the way Ciara has used the original combined in to this remix. Unfortunately some people don’t feel the same way judging from the responses via Twitter. I think the remix has caused mixed views but I like it either way. The only criticism I have is the use of B.O.B as I don’t think his feature was needed. The album is set to be released on the July 9.

Check out the remix and also a behind scenes exclusive



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