Tyrese Inspire MySmile had the pleasure to catch up with singer-songwriter and actor  Tyrese.

During this interview Tyrese  spoke about his new single with rapper Snoop DoggDumb Shit’,  Furious 7, Fatherhood and just his creative vision. I must say personally I never experienced such a deep interview from any  artist and after listening to Tyrese I believe every person that’s in the public eye should be true and give as much information to their supporters as they will appreciate what you the artists, creative people are about.

About the show business

Tyrese has been in the business for 20 years making his name from appearing in a Coca Cola commercial all those years ago. It’s obvious to say that he feels blessed to have been given that opportunity and truly proud of his credentials from his first film ‘Baby Boy‘ to the second film ‘2 Fast 2 Furious‘ and of course his successful music career. Tyrese spoke about his online presence and what he wants people to get out of his messages via social media.

For me passing on insight knowledge and information to help others to be successful is a blessing. People are now addicted to the likes and shares on social media. My facebook page alone receives 1.2 billion hits a month and I have 23 million followers. I feel blessed to able to inspire others.

Black Rose Universe

Everyone wants to know about The Black Rose Universe. Tyrese explained that The Black Rose album will be his last solo album and it will be double-sided consisting of 20 songs that will have RnB and Hip-Hop sounds.  The the 1st single off the album is ‘Dumb Shit’ ft Snoop and a cameo from Wiz Khalifa. What’s clear is that Tyrese feels the Black Rose album is his most honest album. I love how he how reference’s Usher, describing the Black Rose like ‘The Confessions’ album as he feels like he is expressing a lot in each of the 20 tracks.


“Dumb Sh*t” from Tyrese features Snoop Dogg and a cameo by Wiz Khalifa. “Dumb Sh*t” is the first track released from Gibson’s upcoming album, BLACK ROSE, out July 7 through his own label, Voltron Recordz. The song was produced by Tyrese Gibson, along with co-producers Seige Monstrosity and Marcus Hodge and is available for purchase on iTunes at

Watch the video here

We have an exclusive video ‘Behind the scenes of the ‘Dumb Shit Video

Watch it here

Here is what’s interesting about the process of Black Rose.

I had a God sent vision. I rented a house in Arizona, whilst I was still filming Fast & Furious 6.For 34 days myself and the team of about 19 people, consisting of writers, musicians. We worked on 146 original songs in 34 days. It was fun we had a lot of intense but great moments on just focusing on content and just gathering material for this album.

Tyrese mentioned he will be documenting the behind the scenes moments as well as working on the audio book which will have the music from Black Rose Universe attached to the pages and readers will be able to listen and read at the same time.

Who will be featured on Black Rose?

Without giving too much away, Tyrese mentioned Snoop Dogg(Lion), The Game, Jennifer Hudson and Tank and possibly Stevie Wonder. BAck_new_10

Speaking on TGT (Tyrese, Genuwine and Tank) photo

When asked about whether there will be a TGT tour or another album, he briefly mentioned that there could be a potential tour, but right now everyone is working on different projects, so hopefully all 3 will be able to work on new material real soon.

Sex Never Felt Better Official Video



Films – Furious 7 / Paul Walker

As we all know Furious 7 is set be premiered in theaters worldwide on Friday 3rd April. Tyrese spoke about the success of the F&F films and the rewards that come with it.

The audience that follows Fast & Furious films can relate to the characters and I love that I am able to be the voice of reality. I say what the audience think. We are family and when there are intense moments I am the guy to break the ice with jokes and just generally enjoy being on set.

Now obviously there is no way that we can interview Tyrese and not mention his friend the one he calls the ‘Angel’ ~Paul Walker. We all know that speaking about Paul is very emotional for anyone that was close to him. Tyrese makes it clear that he will speak about Paul one time in the interview.

Paul was the most nicest guy that he had ever met. We had known each other for 14 years. What’s funny is that the day we became best friends, we were on the set of Too Fast, Too Furious and we were hanging out talking about women etc. I was describing one particular woman who I was really into, Paul had clocked that the same girl we were speaking about was the same girl that he was hanging out with too. HAHAHA!!

During the making of Furious 7 Paul’s parents gave  permission to continue with the film. In fact Universal Films donated £1m to a charity Paul supported. Tyrese felt that the whole support from the Walker’s family was just great and Paul’s brothers actually stepped in to play Paul’s character.

As far as F&F 8,9 or 10 nothing is confirmed but Fast 7 is special.

Tyrese spoke about Fatherhood and recently receiving 50:50 custody for his daughter.  Without a doubt it’s clear that Gibson loves being a responsible father to his beautiful daughter.

The 1st single ‘Dumb Shit’ leads to second song and musical film ‘Shame’ directed by Paul Hunter which stars Jennifer Hudson. The film is set in 1968, he will be playing a struggling and abusive soul singer. Tyrese describes the film to be the most uncomfortable roles he and Hudson have ever done and we will definitely see them act out of their comfort zone. Tyrese also mentioned that the film Ride Along 2 is in the pipeline where he will star alongside Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, so watch this space!!

When asked about the rumours that he will be appearing in one of the most popular US sitcoms ‘Empire’ which stars his co partner from Baby Boy Tariji P Henson, he simply replied “I love Tarji and if I am asked for the next season then I would love to work something out.”

As we draw close to the interview, it’s clear that Tyrese’s main focus now is the Black Rose Universe. This will be his last solo album and it will be double-sided with something for everybody. The audio book will follow as well as the documentary that shows ‘ Behind the scenes moments of Black Rose’

As far as future projects it seems Tyrese is more or less a free spirit, a guy that’s addicted to creativity with a vision. It seems that one of his visions is to build film studios, whether that will be in the Dubai or the US it’s unclear but be sure that beyond the labels Tyrese is just a guy with passion that overrides money and any other successes.

Inspire Mysmile wishes Tyrese Gibson all the best with his future projects.

Black Rose will be available worldwide 7th July 2015 Link to “Dumb Shit” on iTunes:**t-feat.-snoop-dogg/id973306401

Link to purchase Fast 7 movie tickets: /



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