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Hi readers

March has been a great month don’t you think? I definitely find joy and peace in seeing the 3rd Month of the year as way to get rid of the old and welcome the new, a bit of spring cleaning. As one of my friends says

cleaning makes way for fresh thoughts.’

Women’s month this year has been great, with many lovely Mother’s Day posts on social media, to my ladies special interview with UK singer and business woman Egypt, to discovering the trending topic ‘#Womenshistorymonth’on Facebook. Inspire MySmile salutes all you empowering females and please continue to sparkle. I also want to thank everyone for taking time to read my sisterhood theme this year. So why not celebrate with some of the most inspirational ladies that I think most can relate to  in terms of entertainment and for doing a lot of work dedicated to young women. I know this video is a few weeks old but I thought it was entertaining and it’s not often enough do we see women in the public eye having fun and for  good reasons. Watch Michelle Obama on the Ellen DeGeneres Show https://youtu.be/vNguzpePDUI

Words By Vanessa Ryan


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