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In celebration of Women’s Day, as you know Inspire MySmile  titles March as Women’s Month. The theme for this year is sisterhood and to really acknowledge great women that are doing great things in the creative and entertainment industry. Recently I reached out to the UK Singer-songwriter and business woman Egypt. 


Ladies do you remember singing these lyrics in a club or blasting it in the car with your girls/sisters;

Also with the talk of UK Funky making an appearance sometime this year or in the near future, it was only right to catch up with the lovely Egypt 🙂 Hi Egypt thank you for taking time to do  the interview for INSPIRE MySMILE.  It is a pleasure after so long of communicating via social media. The purpose of this interview is just to reflect on your musical journey and also to share your  new single ‘Changes’  with the world.


Let me take you back in to 2007/2008, because the very first time that I heard ‘In the morning’ was on DJ Target’s show (BBC 1XTRA) and I think that was the first ever radio play. It became THE UK Funky anthem in the UK and overseas in every club and on most  radio shows.

The hunger and the hype for UK FUNKY died since, I mean let’s face it ‘In The Morning’ was THE most popular anthem and it’s great that we as supporters/ravers can look back and reflect on artists like yourself.  Then you were quiet for a while, so what has been happening

1. What I would like to know is what have you been you been up to and what has been keeping you occupied? I don’t feel any music genre dies; I feel it evolves. For example, Afro Beats definitely has influences from the UK Funky Scene.

I’m proud of what I have achieved musically; the UK Funky scene gave me my break into this business!

After releasing ‘In the morning’   I released a few tracks ‘Believe’, ‘You build me up’, ‘Stand up’, ‘Love Thang’ and ‘Stronger‘ which was produced by Kiss Fm’s DJ Pioneer. I then had a great opportunity to focus on my fashion line called ‘Eveae West’ which show cased at London Fashion Week!

2. How do feel when people automatically label you as a UK funky singer and how would you describe your music style?

I am an artist. I create great music, when a producer sends me music from any genre if I love it I’ll write to it, that is what music is about for me.

3. Your new single is called ‘Changes’ (which I really do like) it has an authentic and positive vibe. What is the concept of the track and where can people hear Changes?

Thank you. ‘Changes’ is about life and the changes we face whether it’s in a relationship or friendship or just life changes in general. You can hear ‘Changes’ on my YouTube channel & Soundcloud:

4. One thing I have always wanted to know and I suppose you get asked this question a lot, LOL Is Egypt your real name? Yes, I get asked that question often, Egypt is my artist name.

5. What are your goals for this year and maybe for the future? My plans for this year are to release an album & a new collection for my clothing line. I’m really excited about putting out new music & working with some great people!  

Please let our readers know where they can find you music and also where they can contact you and any other details.


Thank you for your time Egypt it will be a pleasure to finally have you on my page, All the best with future projects.  

  Interview by Vanessa Ryan


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