March is a special month for many reasons, but embracing the fact that it’s officially a month to embrace women. On the 8th it is International Women’ s Day, where women from around the world celebrate in harmony and embrace each other’s work and just self loving.

Sunday 15th is Mothers Day, Even though mothers should be appreciated and treated like a queen daily and not just for one day. We may as well celebrate women throughout March. This time last year Inspire MySmile embraced female singers because I was really inspired by their music and it was just sweetness to my ears. I do think that women in any industry should be appraised for their hard work/ input in to businesses especially in the music, industrial and creative businesses.

This year I have been thinking of themes for Inspire MySmile. After doing some research on topics from Education for girls and women, Domestic Violence and Stereotypes; which I will be doing a piece on what of these topics. However I want start my theme on SISTERHOOD.

What does sisterhood mean to you and is it important?

For me personally Sisterhood is really important as I am the only child for my mom and the only girl grandchild as the rest are boys. What’s interesting is that in both sides of my family it is  predominantly boys.  I grew up with no siblings up until the age of 12. My dad had another child which means I now have a half-sister. During my childhood I always wished I had an older brother, but now I have a sister I knew that I was the sibling looking out for the younger one.  My sister grew up in foster care which was really difficult for us to bond like sisters should. My sister is half way through secondary school as much as I would like to have that bond the true reality is that we don’t really know each other.

This is why  I really look for that sisterhood love because I’ve never had the chance to.  My inspiration comes a mixture of people but mostly my auntie because she is strong-minded, knows how to pull the family together and has the ideal lifetime relationship with her husband that most people would love to have. My Nan  was a regional manager for BT and she always takes pride in how far she has come and always give me lectures that I don’t want to hear but it’s always the TRUTH!! My mother and Nan are quite similar but characteristic different, I always give her praise for passing on the creativity mind to me.

I’ve never really told them this but they are important as much as we don’t communicate as often as we should I do feel that we have unconditional love. My friends are my sisters and what I really love about my friends is that they are hard-working and unique, like the ones you only get once in a lifetime.


Here is my message to every single female, surround yourself with women that inspire you to do well. If you have a sister/s see if you can reconnect in other ways as this will strengthen your relationship. For those may not have siblings or may not be close to family members here is what you could do: Write down a list of females that are influential and why.  Then see how you can form your own sisterhood, whether it be a female only event, tea mornings, drink ups, slumber parties, etc and watch how your sisterhood builds. This could be something magical.

If you would like to share your stories, or let me know how you will be celebrating womans month please post your comments, send me an email inspiremysmile@icloud.com.

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I am very interested  🙂

Words By Vanessa


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