After weeks of hardcore promotion, IMG_1134

Friday 27th February Cream Of The Crop Promotions presented a night of live  performances from the UK singer-song writer Angel, with supporting Pa’s  from AffieJam, SP, Dapz On The Maps, ROXxxan, Lil Choppa as well as guest artists and great music mixed by DJ Biggoss to keep the ambience following.

The event was hosted by Smash Entertainz, held at the chilled and laid back venue Alfie Birds, located in the Custard Factory, Birmingham. 

Despite running late, the crowd was finally able to enjoy the artists they came to support and Biggoss kept the tunes playing.

Whilst I enjoyed most of the performances, I was not impressed with the overall professionalism. The actual show started at 21.30 pm baring in mind the crowd had been floating around since 19.30 pm/20.00 pm, the interval was more than 15 minutes by the time they were ready to announce that Angel was in the venue (23.40 pm) they only had less than half of the audience to begin with.

I would like to big up DJ Biggoss and Smash Entertainz for doing what they do best and that was to keep the audience amused and entertained as much as they could.

Unaware to the crowd it was actually the organisers birthday and  took the opportunity make this known to the audience, whom sang Happy Birthday!!

12am yes midnight!!  guess who came fashionably late the man himself Angel. The main man did a 5 minute performance with his top hits ‘On the Low’, ‘Run This‘ and ‘Wonderful.’ There was also the opportunity to meet and greet Angel. The event finished at 00.10am.

As much as the host apologised for the whole lateness and Angel actually apologised before he performed, to me that was not good enough. By the end of the night it didn’t feel a normal gig where you come out to support your local artists and enjoy the show NO!! It seemed more like a sweet 25th birthday party where you book your favourite artists for your party, but it comes across like a show, if you know what I mean.

Here is my message for anyone that wants to organise shows and to the artists that are being paid, ‘Always put your audiences first. What’s the purpose of the events? If the show doesn’t go the way you planned it, then think of ways to occupy the crowd.

It is never OK to arrive late for anything especially if you have specific timeslots, this makes the promoters and their brand look BAD. In this case as much as I like Angel and his music which has featured on this page before, I thought his professionalism was poor and could have been better considering people actually stayed, just to see him perform for 5 mins.

On the plus side I would like to personally thank the lady that gave me lift home and a piece of the cake, that was very much appreciated.

Here are highlights from the night, (Apologies for the not so good footage)

SP performing Kano' 'Brown Eyes'
SP performing Kano’ ‘Brown Eyes’

IMG_1141 IMG_1146

Words By Vanessa Ryan


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