SB entertainer

SB Entertainer presents his second EP Spiritual Connection, he is currently promoting his NEW singles off his 2nd EP Album ‘Spiritual Connection’ Out Now on FREE Download on soundcloud.

SB describes his style as realistic, positive, funny and inspiring music, touching on personal to universal tracks.

Formally known as SoulBruva;  SB is a British/Ugandan Hip Hop artist from London who started recording music back in 2004.   SB’s main inspiration & influences comes from life experiences, being open minded as well as from some music’s finest such Michael Jackson, Akon, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Kayne West, Dizzee Rascal and N-Dubz.

He was the winner of the ‘Lightning FM’ Chart for the UK Unsigned Festival March (2007) and  opened the festival for Kelly Price, Calvin Richardson, he also performed at the Glen Jones Concert. SB later received  his award for best Unsigned Act 2007, voted by the radio listeners.


4Real 4Real Mixtape Vol 1 (2007)

4Real 4Real Mixtape Vol 2 (2008)

Intimacy & Heartache Mixtape (2012)

Pride & Soul EP Album (2013)

Spiritual Connection EP Album (2014)

sb spiritual connection

Having listened to  the EP Spiritual Connection my thoughts were that sometimes it’s not about the artists lyrical style, who they can be compared to and smoothing their ego with ratings, BUT sometimes listen to the content/context, the message in the tracks we hear.  What I liked about some of the tracks was the positive and catchy hooks. I particularly took an interest to ‘I Want to Inspire You‘ because I like how he lets the audience in to life’s experiences. This track really could appeal to people that maybe going through stressful situations and may hear this track and feel  inspired.

Another track that stood out was ‘Positive’ I like the chorus and it’s refreshing to hear positive lyrical content as this breaks down the saturated  bull crap we often hear about road life. SB has an acquired style that may not be to everyone’s preference but I like that he ain’t trying to be like anyone else and what you hear in the tracks is truth.

The only thing critical  message than Inspire MySmile gives to SB is to try not to rush the words and really get into the emotions of your tracks so that different audiences can feel the message your giving out. Keep up the hard work.

When SB is not in the studio he is creating various designs as a freelance Graphic Designer.

Check out his twitter page for more info if you need graphics

For more info on SB Entertainer please visit:

SoundCloud:  soundcloud





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