Happy New Year!!

This is Inspire My Smile’s first feature of 2015 and I am back with a lot of new creativity that is taking place right now, this year for 2015 so please keep on reading and tell a friend to follow Inspire My Smile.

I wanted to start the first blog off by talking about a special type of music that is personal to me and a lot of people that may share the same love. YES people I am talking about UK Funky, the sub-genre to house music. If it wasn’t for the genre I would not be writing now, this page would not exist today.

Funky house is a mixture of tribal, deep, soulful house; All of these sounds are the elements to the house genre.

Just before the festive period the UK funky veteran singer, songwriter and producer Donaeo tweeted that he was only making UK funky songs this year and from this tweet something BIG has happened in just a few weeks. The fact that people are debating on whether or not the genre will return properly is a good thing, with many of the veteran DJ’s/producers feeling strong to make the once popular genre from 05/o6 ish for 6 years to return. We now know that there is a campaign/movement taking place and it excites me that DJ’s such as Marcus Nasty (Rinse FmDJ Pioneer (Kiss Fm) producers like FunkystepzRoska, Major Notes, Hagan, and the singers/ songwriters that give this genre an extra spark on the productions such as Donaeo, Egypt, Katy B, Kayla, Meleka and Miss Fire just to name a few are and could contribute to the movement.

The only thing that I would say is that; if UK Funky came back, it would have to be slightly different to how it was in 2007. I would like to hear a combination of afro/funky as we have already established that some afro beats do sound funky and also I would like to see the ladies collaborating or maybe the Dj’s/ producer’s could release collaboration mixes.

Check out Donaeo’s #UKfunky2015 playlists


Over the past few weeks I have seen articles from writers for other magazines paying tributes to UK Funky, also I have just recently witnessed a website called ‘Boiler Room’, a site that takes DJs  of the UK underground and features them on Boiler Room TV which is an invite only at a secret location and streamed to thousands watching at home online.

Watch  Ma1 & VersatileDJ Pioneer & Spidey GDonaeo & Egpyt and Marcus Nasty with Mc Shantie all in action as they revisit scene.

You can also listen to when Boiler Room caught with with Dj’s to discuss UK Funky and it’s originality here

Also check out the new production from Funkystepz






Egypt has been a little quiet for a while, having concentrating on her fashion design Eveae West and releasing tracks here and there. I’m glad she is back and getting her new track ‘Changes’ played on the radio stations. Inspire  My Smile is sure supporting the award winning singer-songwriter.


Instagram; EgyptOfficial

If you love UK Funky music please feel free to let me know which are your favourites.

Words By Vanessa Ryan


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