It’s been a while since I last gave you my NEW FAVOURITES, but it’s back and there are a lot of new music that have been released or are set to be released that I like a lot. Also look out for my end of year top tracks list sometime next month.

Usually I give you my great readers various new music by different artists all at once so you have a great mixture, but today I’m featuring one, partially because I want to save the rest for next month which will be perfect timing.

The track I’m feeling at the moment just sounds fresh and what makes this more effective is the opening line “GIRL COMES UP TO ME & SAYS “WHAT YOU DRIVIN’?” I SAID BUGATTI along with the catchy beat.. WOW pure eargasms. I give you my new favourite right now which is the Zed Bias remix of Tiga’s ‘Bugatti’ featuring Pusha T. The beat has been floating around on the airwaves since last month and was only released on 9th November. There are other remixes from Eats Everything, Amine Edge & Dance, Life Sim, Doorly and more.

cover170x170 Bugatti

So who is Tiga? Based in Montreal, Canada

Tiga is a DJ/producer who has effectively worked the underground and the mainstream scene with his uniquely camp sounds of electro and sharp techno.  Tiga’s first exposure to the DJ life came from touring the Goa area of India with his DJ father in the ’80s. Tiga followed his father’s musical path and started to play in the clubs in the early 90’s before he gave Canada some Acid House.


Now Available on itunes

Keep up to date with Tiga

Zed Bias


Pusha T


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