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Greetings All,

What a great weekend I experienced. So on Friday 17th October I was invited to attend the launch of Annika Spalding’s new book ‘Reflections’.  The event was different to the norm as we had inspirational guests speakers speaking on pure positivity sharing their life experiences, there was also a mixture of cake, natural products and beauty stalls and well as various performances.

cookie darling

Handmade by Luna

Annika describes herself as self confessed cake lover, loves butterflies and all things glitter. Annika Spalding is a 3rd time selling writer, a strong woman and a mother of two beautiful girls and believes in ‘World Domination’ her I AM campaign is to make others feel good by using the 3 words #IAM strength, This is a book that captures the impact of life challenges through a series of short stories, Reflections explores issues such as domestic violence, sexuality, parenthood and bereavement.

One of the messages that I took from that evening was “In order to get clarity we have to find a way of emptying ourselves and just STOP what we are doing.” In this life we give ourselves to many labels or sometimes get given labels and not really taking care of our inner selves.

Available NOW on Amazon (hardback and Kindle) for £4.95.
Available NOW on Amazon (hardback and Kindle) for £4.95.
Lushious-Lee The Ultimate Beauty Experience
The Ultimate Beauty Experience

I would like to take time to Big up Lushious ‘lips’-Lee a new business that gives us women Lushious lips. I spoke to Leonie Henry a mobile beautician offering a range of services as she gave me details about her products as well as glitzing my fabulous blue lips.

Sparkling Blue
Sparkling Blue

I love what Leonie and her team are doing because it’s creative, different and if you like to set trends then I believe you should get in contact with Lushious-Lee.



F: http://facebook.com/lushious.lee.1

Make sure you purchase Reflections on Amazon here


Available NOW on Amazon (hardback and Kindle) for £4.95.
Available NOW on Amazon (hardback and Kindle) for £4.95.

E: annikaspalding@yahoo.co.uk

W: http://www.annikaspalding.co.uk

F: https://www.facebook.com/AnnikaSpalding/info


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