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Is it me or does it seem like every year on October 4th there is always ‘stuff’ on? So here in Birmingham UK I found myself at various places, two in specific which was BEX LIVE and a reality theatre production Bashment Housewives.

BEX LIVE is the ideal place for sponsors, exhibitors and vendors to raise awareness and expose their brands where they can interact with a multitude of potential consumers. This a family event that celebrates the black community through creativity, entrepreneurship. This year BEX LIVE took place at South & City College and the Custard Factory.

When you look at this flyer, what would you expect to see?
When you look this flyer, what would you expect to see?

Whilst every year this event really creates a buzz/hype around the city and has previously lived up to the buzz, however this year I was little disappointed to not see as much effort as myself and others may have previously experienced.

Compared to last year where BEX LIVE took place at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall, people had something to see, from catwalk, to hair competitions and performances to enjoy. This year I felt BEX LIVE 2014 lacked that little bit of excitement. I was disappointed to see the fashion/catwalk show that the beautiful models strut some gorgeous pieces designed by South & City students didn’t receive much of a reaction from its audiences. Whilst I am grateful that Black Exposure was a free ticketed event, I do wonder if it was a charged event would people of got their money’s worth?

Although I did see some beautiful jewellery and new clothing labels that deserve exposure and I am happily to say that I took that opportunity to grab some business cards as I will be featuring some of the businesses here in the next few weeks as part of celebrating Black History Month and for the love of unique creativity.

My overall experiences was just shocking in comparison to last year. I would like to see Black Exposure comeback bigger and better for next year and I would suggest different venue to give it the GLAM it truly deserves.

Bashment HouseWives

Finally to round off my weekend, I amongst a crowd of 350 attended the sold out show Bashment Housewives at The Drum’s Art Centre. I would like to congratulate the cast for selling out the first of two showings. Overall it was good and very relatable production if your familiar with the whole rags to riches lifestyle. My interpretation of the scenes were based upon areas such as Sutton Coldfield or Solihull with a hint of urban goodness to spice it up.  I loved how the audiences could easily compare the production and characters with the US Reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ Whilst the concept was humorous and gave us a few laughter lines, however there were elements of BHW what could have been little better in terms of grasping flow of the story and making the scene changing little discrete.

I remember the first scene changer took longer than it should have and just looked so sloppy that the crowd made some remarks that was quite cringe-worthy. There was also some scenes that seemed prolonged and unnecessary and it also felt like some of the actors struggled to get into their characters where as others could really interact with the audiences well.

Towards end we saw the similar style of RHOA, where the host brings the characters together and goes through all of their problems and how they might move on from the drama. This particular piece was very effective and well received amongst the audience.  As the next showing of Bashment housewives is scheduled for December 7th @ The Drum, I would suggest that they use this experience as a way to improve the performances and really tighten up on the timing of changing the scenes and the acting in general so people can feel that they got their money’s worth.

On the whole well done to Tennexa and the crew

Remember you can purchase your tickets for Bashment Housewives now @ The Drums Box Office 0121 333 2444

Also check the website for What’s On @ The Drum http://www.the-drum.org.uk

Look out for my Black History Month Features throughout this month and New Favourites | New Music

Words by Vanessa Ryan

Twitter @Funkynessa


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