There’s just so much new music around at the moment, it’s getting harder to keep up or find new tracks, new upcoming artists that nobody has heard yet. My feel good tracks at the moment are ‘Hideaway’ by Kiesza who is just everywhere at the moment and ‘Sing’ by Ed Sheeran. If you don’t feel good just from hearing those two songs then something is wrong LOL!!. Kiesza, a Canadian singer-song writer, currently has her song ‘Hideaway’ out on the airwaves at the moment along with her brilliant dance video, I LOVE a good choreographed video. The track carries an electro 90’s dance beat and to be fair it does remind of an 90’s dance classic. Did you know  Kiesza tall-ship sailor who the Army once attempted to train as a sniper and to add to her credentials she is also a trained ballerina which probably explains her great physic (watch the video)

In January 2014, ‘Hideaway’ was released by  Rami Samir Afuni on his own Lokal Legend label, soon after Kiesza moved to London. The track was recording in just over an hour; just before Kiesza was due to get on a flight. The song’s video was shot in one-take on the streets of Brooklyn, and showcases Kiesza’s attention-grabbing dance moves.


Keep up to date with Kiesza

Hideaway is now available to  purchase/download




Ed Sheeran is back with a new sound and style, in fact sounding a lot like Justin Timberlake, which we can’t complain when he worked with Pharrell Williams.  Ed spent most of 2013 touring North America as the opening act for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour. He was nominated for Best Be New Artist at the 56th Anniversary Grammy Award  The second album ‘X Mulitiply’,  is scheduled for worldwide release on 23 June 2014. 

Pre Order on Itunes



ill blu


Signed to Island Records ILL Blu are back with their new track ft Max Marshall called ‘Blu Magic’, it just oozes with Ill Blu’s signature sound expect nothing different and nothing less than normal. For those that ain’t familiar with Ill Blu here is some background information. Def1 and Jreel make up the two duo production of Ill Blu, they formed back in 2008 when Funky House was at it’s peak.Their polished and raw distinctive sound led them to the collaboration with UK singer Princess with the track ‘Frontline‘, this circulated around the clubs and airwaves and is probably one of the most popular Funky House track to date.

Ill Blu have remixed female Mc Shystie’s track ‘Pull it’ ‘I wonder’ by Young Nate, ‘Say Yes’ by Shanique also another club anthem.  BIGGG solo classic’s include ‘Meltdown’, ‘Overdose’ which is my personal favourite and many more. Their new track ‘Blu Magic’ has been on the airwaves for a minute now, but it instantly shouts SUMMER, definitely a track to have on the playlists.

Blu Magic video

Blue Magic set to be released on May 5th

Until next time

V 🙂



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